Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon to say So What!...

I've been an absentee blogger...sorry! Sometimes real life gets in the way of virtual life.

I can't believe the low entries on my Tiny Prints giveaway. Really people, this is a great giveaway! Tiny Prints has beautiful products...go ENTER...before it's too late!

Bethany is at 6th grade camp & I miss her! But I know she is having the time of her life!

I always dread, dread, dread going grocery shopping...and then once I'm there, I never want to leave.

I've been eating like crap. We have had tons of candy & sweets in the house lately, and I have 0 will power. I can't walk past the pantry knowing there are boxes of chocolates in there (from Bethany's band fundraiser) and not sneak one. Ditto for homemade cookies and pumpkin crumb cake.

A few weeks ago I started getting horrible stomach pains, and then I took a day off my morning smoothie and I didn't get the stomach ache. So I haven't had a smoothie in almost a week. Nor have I had a stomach ache. Oh what to do, what to do?? I miss my morning smoothies, and I miss knowing that at least I'm getting something super nutritious into my body every day!

I think it's hilarious that Mattie and I go to lunch at the same place almost every Tuesday, and even though we generally order the same thing every week, our bill is for a different amount every time. So funny. I don't even care because the guy usually gives us free food (yesterday it was a banana, last week it was a cup of soup), and it's cheap anyway.

I love Tuesdays. I go to the gym while Mattie is at preschool, then we go to lunch after school and to the library for story time. The best. Plus there are no after school activities for the big kids. Which will probably be changing once basketball starts, but for now it's nice.

We're having unseasonably warm October weather in Michigan, and I love it. I'm also relieved because I was afraid Bethany was going to freeze at camp. Which brings me to...

I'm ready to collect my Mom of the Year Award...just send your child to camp in October without a coat or gloves, and you could earn one too! Thank goodness the weather is cooperating with my ineptitude!

Mattie wants to be a robot for Halloween...her grandpa bought her an astronaut costume and she is totally convinced that it is a robot costume. Somehow I don't feel right about the deception...but she loves it, so I'm going to keep my mouth shut!

What are you saying So What! to this week?


Marie said...

Found your blog through link-up at Life After I Dew. We also live in SE Mi. Will enjoy reading more!

Chell said...

New follower thanks to SWW :) I think it's been pretty mild every where on the temps.... and hey oh... if they are in love with the costume... I would totally keep my mouth shut also!

alyaia75 said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!