Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mission: Abort?

I hate to admit it, but the 21-day no complaining challenge sort of went out the window. At first, I think I was being too strict regarding what constitutes complaining. Maybe making a valid observation isn't the same as complaining. Also, sometimes complaining is a necessary evil. I need to think a little more about how I want to define complaining for these purposes, and start fresh. In the meantime, I have continued to wear the rubber band around my wrist as a reminder to shut my mouth when I feel the complaints about to escape my lips. The whole mission was not a total bust; I have become more conscious of my negativity, attitude, and crabbiness. Since I didn't start out being a big complainer in the first place, I think it would be more beneficial in my case to strive to be more positive and to not let bad moods transform me into a bitch.

The kids are on Spring Break. I'm so happy to have them home for the next week. I wonder how many times in a week the idea of homeschooling goes through my head. School is great and all, but sometimes I just think it would be awesome to have my kids with me and learning things in a more non-conventional way. I'm not sure I could ever be that organized or patient, but I digress.  A few friends and I thought we'd start the break out with a fun day at the zoo yesterday. Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather we've been having gave everyone else the same idea too. When we got off the freeway and started seeing signs about the zoo parking lot being full, we knew we were in trouble. So we met up at a nearby parking lot and ended up deciding not to torture ourselves. We agreed the experience would not be much fun while fighting crowds and trying to keep our large group together. Instead we headed for a park in the area and let the kids run around for a couple hours. It was not the day we had planned, but the kids got to be outside with their friends on an unseasonably warm April afternoon, and I'd call that a lovely day.

My kids are so lucky. That seems to be a recurrent theme in my blogging, but it is just something that has been on my mind lately. My childhood was so quiet and lonesome. I had friends and cousins, and I did get to do a lot of cool stuff, but for the most part I was responsible for entertaining myself. I don't think it is a good idea for parents to constantly entertain their kids, and I don't feel that Chris and I do that, but our kids are fortunate that they have each other, and that I am friends with many of their friends' parents. I know we are building lifelong memories for our kids when we all get together to dye Easter eggs (as we did on Thursday afternoon) or spend the afternoon at a park. They have this group that they spend so much time with, they really have the opportunity to get to know each other and be comfortable with each other. And of course there is the added benefit for me that I have a group of friends to hang out with, and we always have an excuse to get together. I am lucky too!

Connor had his first soccer practice Friday evening. Two girls from his class are on his team, as well as a boy Connor knows from one of the other first grade classes. I like his coach. Connor did pretty well too. I'm happy he decided he wants to play soccer again. We all went to watch him practice. On the way there, Lucy and Mathilda fell asleep in the van holding hands. I wish I had had my camera, it was so darn cute!

Bethany has been wanting to do nothing but somersaults (flips as she says) and cartwheels. Connor has been on a Lego kick. Mathilda has been pulling herself up to stand more and more. She has slept at least part of the night in the crib a few times this week. Tonight she is sleeping in the play pen, but that's okay, I'll take it. If she sleeps at least a few hours without me every night, I am a happy mama. Lucy says the funniest things all the time. The other day we were at Linda's and Linda was giving me some Easter decorations. Lucy was thinking decorations meant Christmas, so she asked me about when Christmas will be here. When I told her not for a long time she said, "wait, I'm so confused!". The funny thing about Lucy is that she says really big words and they are almost always used correctly.  She told Linda the other day, while looking at herself in the mirror, that she looked "totally awesome - like a teenager". But I am afraid she has some seasonal allergies, she has been sneezing and blowing her nose like crazy (as well as the other kids, but she seems particularly affected). I hope she feels better to enjoy some Easter treats.