One of my favorite things about blogging is offering giveaways to my readers! Why? Because I LOVE getting free stuff, and I want to share that love with all of you! Click on Current Giveaways to see what's happening right now, and Past Giveaways to see the giveaways I've hosted in the past.

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A word about MichiGal giveaways.

I always use Rafflecopter for my giveaways because for me it is the easiest and simplest way to go, and it's very user friendly. In case you are unfamiliar with Rafflecopter, let me take a moment to explain it to you!

First of all, yes, you do have to register with Rafflecopter to be able to enter giveaways with it. But I have never heard any complaints of them spamming anyone or abusing anyone's registration info.

Once you're registered, you can enter giveaways by logging in using your Facebook account or your email address. I use Facebook, and if I am logged into my Facebook account and want to enter a giveaway on a blog, the Rafflecopter will recognize me, which I know because it says "Hi, Alysia". Otherwise it will prompt me to log in, which I do using my Facebook log in info. Alternately, I can log in with my email address - I just enter my name and my email address (not my email password), and I'm in.

Entry options: I like to give my readers plenty of options for entering my giveaways, because you might not feel like doing some of them. Maybe you don't want to follow another blog on Facebook, or you don't use Twitter or Pinterest. As a general rule, I do not want to make you jump through hoops. I hate that, and I imagine you do too! Once in awhile a sponsor will require a mandatory entry, but other than that I do not. That means you can choose how you want to enter, and how many entries you want.

If you ALREADY follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, those all count. Rafflecopter will recognize that you like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, but for Instagram and Pinterest you'll have to enter your user name for verification purposes.  Follow me once, and from that point on (as long as you don't un-follow me) you can use that as an entry in any of my giveaways.

If you sign up for email updates, that means you will get an email when I post something new. I will not spam your inbox, EVER. Once you sign up for email updates, from that point on you can use this as an entry method in any of my giveaways going forward.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you will get a MichiGal newsletter emailed to you no more than once a week. Truth be told, I haven't even started this yet, but I intend to eventually, and right now I'm growing my mailing list by using this as an entry method. Once you sign up for the newsletter, you can use this as an entry method of any of my giveaways.

I want everyone to have an easy time with this, so please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about entering MichiGal's giveaways!

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