Sunday, September 30, 2012

A New Spin on Canvas

I absolutely love the look of custom canvas prints. They just look so professional and are a great way to show off favorite photographs. Several years ago, we had portraits done of Bethany, Connor, and Lucy (before Mathilda was born), ordered a canvas of one of the shots we liked best, and had it professionally framed. Even though it is conspicuously missing our youngest child, the picture still proudly hangs in our family room and it remains one of my most cherished possessions. Now there are all kinds of online photo websites that make it possible for regular people to order any picture on canvas. I think that is pretty cool, and someday I'm going to get around to ordering a bunch. I recently saw a picture on a blog of someone's home office, and its walls were adorned with several canvas prints. I want an office like that!

Something new I recently came across is As the name suggests, it's another canvas photography website: download a picture, create your own canvas. But this one offers something different that I had not seen before. Using the site's user-friendly online configurator, you can break your photos into segments, anyway you want, to create multi-panel canvas prints. This makes for really unique, one of a kind looks that set these canvas prints apart from the others that I've seen. You'd have to really check out the website to see what I'm talking about, and play around with it a little bit to see just how many different looks can be created with one photo.

If artwork is what you're looking for, the site also offers many different images you can use in your print, but you can configure it to make it your own creation. There are so many to choose from; including architectural, nature, cities, animals, abstract, and much more. The list of choices is literally vast. You are sure to find something to catch your eye - and best of all, the final product is definitely going to be quite different from the prints sold at your local chain housewares store.

Miracle Canvas uses high quality products to create a crystal clear final product that has been lacquered and stretched on a wood stretcher, and is ready to hang - no frame required. (Although please note: if using your own uploaded photograph, the quality of the final product does depend largely on the quality of the photo!).

For a demonstration of how you can customize a canvas print to your liking, have a look at this YouTube video.

I tried out the website and played around a bit, so I can tell you first hand that it is simple and easy to figure out.

Do you have canvas prints hanging on your walls? Are they pictures of your family, or more artistic or decorative? I personally think something like this would make fantastic Christmas gifts!