Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hello Again

So it's been like 5 years since my last blog post, and what better time to pick up the torch than during a global pandemic. Gosh what has happened in the last 5 years.  Sooooo much...

Well let's start with biggies. A couple years ago, I was diagnosed with MS. That's a whole long story, but it honestly hasn't changed my life that much. The biggest thing, which started this whole journey, is something called optic neuritis. Basically my vision is diminished and no glasses will help it. I can still drive, read, and basically do everything else, but I can't see quite as well. So a pita but could definitely be a million times worse.

A couple (few??) years ago I returned to the workforce. First part time at the shop where my father-in-law works and as a lunch mom at my youngest daughter's elementary school, then as a long term sub at her school, then as a district sub, now at a day care center around the corner from my house. Which of course in now put on hold due to the whole global pandemic thing.

My oldest daughter graduated from high school last year and started cosmetology school. So now I have one in 11th grade, one in 8th grade, and one in 5th. My babies are growing up! And trying to adapt to life as we now know it. The oldest is doing cosmetology school remotely...umm ok. The other 3 are in what's called a 1:1 district, so they all have Chromebooks from school and are all essentially homeschooling themselves. Huge shout out to all of their teachers for doing their very best to make this work. It's not lost on me that this is not what they signed up for. Also huge shout out to my kids for being awesome. Truly, they are.

So I think that's enough for now...just to get my feet wet. Maybe, just maybe, I'll keep this up...