About Me

Hi and thanks for stopping by MichiGal! I'm Alysia, a stay-at-home mom of 4 living in southeast Michigan. Let me tell you a little about me, my family, and my blog. 

As you peruse throughout MichiGal, you'll see lots of references to:

Chris, my husband 
Bethany, our oldest
Connor, our son
Lucy, our daughter
Mathilda/Mattie, our baby girl

Chris and I met way, way, way back in high school, and we've been together ever since. We got hitched in 1998, after 6 years of dating.

Look at us...we were just babies!

 In 2001 we became known as Mommy and Daddy when our daughter Bethany was born. She is and always has been a little red-headed firecracker.

Bethany - age 2

Bethany - age 10

In 2003 our son Connor was born and then we had two babies in diapers. Connor is our mellow fellow.

Connor - age 2

Connor - age 8

Our sweet 'lil Lucy was born in 2006. She's our princess girl.

Lucy - newborn, Bethany - age 5

Lucy - a few days before her 5th birthday

2009 was the year our little stinker Mathilda was born to complete our family. 

She was full of mischief then...

...and she's full of even more mischief at 2. Don't let the sweet little face fool you.

Chris is a musician and he's been in bands ever since I met him. Right now he's fronting a Smiths tribute band, The Smiths United. They are really awesome and you should check out their Facebook page or even try to catch a show if you live in the metro Detroit area.

Chris's other obsession is movies, which he blogs about at Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth and Off the Cine. Now and then I might write a guest post for him.

I love to read and sometimes I review books here on MichiGal. I also publish reviews over at Luxury Reading. If you click on that link that says "Book Reviews" right under the header, it'll take you to a list of my reviews, both here and elsewhere. I also love to write, which is why I blog. Someday maybe I'll be a published author of something other than a blog post.

Some other things I like that you might see posts about every now and again include: baking, sewing, eating healthy, travel, and taking my kids on field trips. This blog is kind of a hodge podge of anything that has to do with anything going on in my life or in my mind. It doesn't have a specific focus; it's more broad spectrum, just like life. 

I like to try new things and get freebies, so I write about that a lot too. Getting a package of something free makes my day. Even better, sometimes when companies send me something to try, they offer a giveaway prize for my readers. To make a few bucks here and there, sometimes I write sponsored posts. But I only write real things, and I always make it relevant to my life. The more people who read and follow MichiGal, the better opportunities I can have to share reviews and giveaways with you, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd find a way to follow me (Google Friends Connect, Facebook, Twitter) and share content with your friends.

Living a life of appreciation and gratitude is a huge priority for me, and I write about that frequently as well. Up top I have a tab for "Giving Thanks Everyday" because for awhile I was trying to post daily about things I'm grateful for. Now I generally do it every Thursday in my Thursday Thankful Round-Ups. In November I make an effort to write about giving thanks on a daily basis in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. A book that inspired me to start intentionally living a life of gratitude is The Joy of Appreciate Living by Jacqueline Kelm. I wrote about it here on MichiGal, and I strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

A dream of mine is to travel around the world. There are few places I don't want to visit, in fact I can't think of any at the moment. I've always loved to travel, but the impetus for this dream was a book I just happened to stumble upon at the library (in my experience stumbling upon books at the library has been quite consequential in my life), One Year Off by David Elliot Cohen. I haven't reviewed this book yet, but I will eventually. I've also been inspired by the gorgeous blog, Six in the World. I followed this family's journey and loved every single line they wrote and every picture they posted. Their trip has been over for some time now, but you can still visit the blog and read about it from beginning to end. 

I love Detroit, Catcher in the Rye, Audrey Hepburn, anything French, the color pink, ice cream, summertime and dark chocolate. I'm on the fence about pizza and I hate talking on the phone. Now that you know so much about me, I'd love to know more about you. So please leave lots of comments (they make me smile every time!) and even email me if you ever feel so inclined.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my world!