Thursday, February 4, 2010

Old Man Winter

Although I recently made mention that I need to spend more time out in the "real world", the fact is, it's winter in Michigan. My baby girl has been sick since Christmastime. I'm tired and cold.  I just want to hibernate, or at least curl up on the couch and enjoy sedentary activities. Winter saps me dry of energy and motivation. Every year I simply cannot imagine going through the drudgery yet again.

I haven't been a complete hermit. I do need to leave the house on a daily basis for my Mom's Taxi Service duties. The pediatrician's office has seen me with at least one kid on a weekly basis, sometimes more. I've met with friends a few times, and even had a pretty major date night with Chris on his birthday. I've got plans for this coming weekend too, and I'll be glad to get out of the house, despite the challenge of getting motivated to do it. It's not just about leaving the house, though. It's also about doing things, even everyday things like laundry and exercising. When I have a rare instance of gung ho enthusiasm, I am more often than not hindered by a sick, clingy baby who just wants to be held (and held...and held....).  Okay, I'll admit she always wants to be held pretty much constantly, but when she's not sick I don't feel as guilty about letting her fuss for a few while I get stuff done.

So here are some of the things I would like to do, if I weren't held back by winter blah's and involuntary attachment parenting. I would like to get some use out of my gym membership, or at least find time to work out at home every day. I would like to see my friends more. I would like to volunteer to help with my church's McWarm program (they invite the homeless into the church three days a week for meals, clean clothes, showers, etc.). I would like to go the library. I would like to make curtains for my bedroom. I would like to conquer the laundry. I would like to browse Macy's and try on clothes. I would like to pick up a few things at IKEA and eat meatballs for lunch while I'm at it. I would like to take the kids to Cranbrooke or the DIA or the Science Center. None of these are lofty goals, but I feel so tired thinking about any of them.

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