Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Do You Think #MichiganIsAuto? Share to Win $500!
A #MichiganIsAuto billboard

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When most people think of Michigan, they think Motor City...they think cars. That's because Michigan is the birthplace of the automobile and the epicenter of the auto industry. Those of us who live here know more than a few people who work for the Big 3, if not directly than peripherally. My grandfather was an auto design engineer for one of the biggies for over 40 years, and many other family members and friends make their living from cars, in one way or another.

We have our own jargon here in Michigan. "Shut-down" is one of those times when all the plants close and most auto industry employees have some time off of work. "Working on the line" means working on the assembly line, building cars. The "Big 3" are Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Being "hired direct" means your paycheck is cut by one of the Big 3, as opposed to working for a contract firm, supplier, etc. These phrases are so ingrained in our everyday conversation that we don't even think twice about them. Michiganders live and breathe cars, it's part and parcel of why Michigan Is Auto.

The 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is happening in Detroit now through January 25 at the COBO Center. So it's the perfect time to share why YOU think #MichiganIsAuto. Even better? Your creative answer could win you a $500 VISA gift card!
Use the #MichiganIsAuto hashtag to win!

Here's what to do:

Now through January 23, using the hashtag #MichiganIsAuto,  post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the BEST and most CREATIVE reason why #MichiganIsAuto.

Tag MICHauto in your posts using the following social media handles:
There will be two drawings for $500 VISA gift cards; the first on Friday, January 16 and the second on Friday, January 23.

To learn more about MICHauto and the #MichiganIsAuto campaign, please visit

Is a trip to the Auto Show a tradition in your family? Are you planning on attending this year?

Looking for a #MichiganIsAuto billboard? One is located on I-75 South, just north of the Davison, and another can be seen from I-94 East, just past Outer Drive.

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