Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Get the Dog

Listen, if you want to get talked out of getting a puppy, you came to the wrong place.

We got our first dog when we were camping up north with friends. We spotted a little white fluff ball running in the woods. Next thing we knew, we were proud puppy parents of Jack Morris, named after the road we found him on. A couple years later, we added Cleopatra to our crew, a dog we adopted from my cousin's boyfriend after his dog accidentally got knocked up. Jack and Cleo quickly became the best of friends. They were with us for a long time. They were both lab mixes, one white and one black.

When Jack and Cleopatra had both gone on to the great puppy pastures in the sky, or doggie heaven or whatever you want to call it, Chris met a dog at work in need of a new home. So Marla, a redbone coon hound (did you ever read Where the Red Fern Grows?) joined us for a few years.   She was a good, sweet dog...aren't they all?

She left us and Chris especially\was desperate for a dog. He came across a listing for Beagle pups only a mile or so from our house, so then we added Mocha to our family. Less than a year later, Bethany discovered a classmate was looking for homes for his family's beagle pups, so Apollo came to us. Now Mocha and Apollos are best friends just like Jack and Cleo use to be. They might be a little more psycho though. Seriously, they drive ma insane. I think maybe they're suffering from too much togetherness.  Like get out of our house, humans.

In all my 20+ years of being a dog mama. I have never once thought life would be better without them. Get the dog, you won't regret it.

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