Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Day Trips: Port Sanilac, Michigan

We did a little day tripping during our recent vacation in Lexington, Michigan. More than once we drove along M-25 north, looking for restaurants, garage sales, and a little adventure.

One of the few really good meals I had all week was at The Stone Lodge in Port Sanilac. I had a nice, fresh salad, but most notable was the spinach and artichoke dip, as well as the bread spread with spinach and artichoke dip and topped with cheese and tomatoes. Don't judge. There's spinach in it, I firmly believe it can't be all bad.

In this area of Michigan, there are roadside parks instead of rest stops. They typically provide gorgeous views, perhaps a basic bathroom (likely with no running water), maybe a picnic table or two, and beach access. At one such park on the way to Port Sanilac (maybe even in Port Sanilac), I was busily snapping pictures when a man pointed out that there were a couple Christopher Columbus replica ships sailing on the lake.

Is it the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria? Lake Huron
At an M-25 Roadside Park
Beautiful Lucy with beautiful Lake Huron
M-25 Roadside Park
Meema and the kids
On the final day of vacation, after we checked out of the cottage, we drove to Port Sanilac once more to have lunch at a restaurant we had passed another day, Uri's. I had a baked potato and a house salad, which turned out to be a really good lunch. The restaurant is on the second floor of a sailing school, overlooking the Port Sanilac marina. I was particularly impressed with how they handled our corn dog dilemma. Corn dog #1: dropped on the floor. Corn dog #2: frozen inside. Corn dog #3: success. Number of corn dogs on the bill: one.

Since we were not anxious for our vacation to end, we sauntered over to the nearby playground after lunch. It was a cute little park with a lovely view. Our visit to Port Sanilac was a pleasant way to wrap up our trip. We passed an historical museum that looked interesting and that I wouldn't mind checking out on a future return visit. And I would definitely go back to Port Sanilac again just to eat at the Stone Lodge or Uri's.

Uri's, Port Sanilac, Michigan
Uri's, Port Sanilac, Michigan
Port Sanilac, Michigan

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