Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Review, Nutella Winner, And Odds & Ends

I have another book review posted at Luxury Reading for a kids book, Cows Can't Jump. It's a cute picture book and you should go over there and see what I have to say about it.

Tricia is the winner of the Nutella goody bag giveaway! Congratulations Tricia! Enjoy your Nutella swag! 

When Lucy got up this morning, she came in bed with me for a cuddle. She told me that I'm probably going to have another baby. I said no, I'm definitely not having another baby. She said, "are you forcing yourself not to?" and I said yes. So then she said, "probably you'll forget and then you will have another baby." Probably not a good idea to explain the science of vasectomies to a 4-year old? My kids all want another baby, and the truth is I feel ridiculously guilty for not giving Connor a brother. But that door is closed for good. Sorry Connor, just one more way we are scarring you for life.

Other cute things my kids do...Lucy gave me Eskimo kisses while she was laying in bed with me this morning. Then she pinched my nose and said it was an Eskimo hug. 

When we were in Toledo and using the GPS to find our way around, every time the voice told us which way to go, Mathilda said "thank you." She thanks everyone all the time. At least she has good manners while she is being a stink pot. 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at The Henry Ford Museum with some friends. We had 7 kids with us, which sounds crazy but actually it was not terribly nuts. The place is huge and it wasn't very crowded, so they were able to run around pretty much to their hearts content. My friend and I discussed how places like that make us think that homeschooling would be fun and rewarding, but that the dedication required to successfully homeschool sounds insurmountably daunting. My poor son was once again stuck with all girls. Some day his friends will be jealous, right???

Sitting in the Rosa Parks bus

Rosa Parks bus...I think they are sitting in her actual seat

He managed to have fun with 6 little girls

Thrown in jail for supporting women's rights

Passionate about the cause

Practicing their duck and cover

Mathilda got a nap in

It was a long, super fun day, which also included some playing at our friends' house and a trip to TCBY for waffle cone Wednesday ($1 waffle cones - how did I not know about this before yesterday???). I am so grateful to my friend for including my family in the day's activities. Our Spring Break continues to be awesome...

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Tricia Jeffers RN, CIMI said...

Thanks Alysia for the chance to win the Nutella goodie bag can't wait to get it now!!!! I didn't know about waffle cone wed, we went to Coldstone yesterday with the groupons I had bought 10.00 for 5.00 picked up 3 and were able to take everyone for a bday treat after our dinner out......I will have to make a mental note WCW at TCBY's. Wanted to "add" a comment about your valvoline add.........I last week got 3 services at the Harper and 11 mile location and had the fuel injector flushed the radiator flushed and the trans flushed and went from gas mileage at high 19-21 MPG to 24-25 MPG. I think it was well worth it, first time I ever got it done.......and I now have over 100K on my 2007 it was overdue but with the prices of gas and how many miles I drive I couldn't afford NOT to do it......looks like you had a fun day at GFF loved the pics to go along with the debriefing!!! Enjoy the rest of your spring break. We will continue ours next week with a four day 3 night trip to Kalahari waterpark in OH, it is the boys 11th bday present!