Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snapshot Of My Life: Bowling on a Wednesday Afternoon

Here is a picture (use your powers of imagination because I forgot my camera) of what it's like to go bowling with my family, which is what the kids and I did after school today with my mom.

  • One cup of red fruit punch, spilled onto the floor, two chairs, a shirt, and a pair of pale pink tights.
  • Three crying girls, they thankfully more or less took turns. 
  • Countless trips to the snack counter, vending machines, and restrooms.
  • French fries, nachos, soft pretzel, chips, and corn dog = dinner.
  • One almost two-year old chasing a bowling ball down the lane, followed by her biggest sister chasing her.
  • One eldest sister falling flat on her bum as she tries to prevent her baby sister from knocking the pins down by hand.
  • One ball sent rolling down the wrong lane.
  • Lots of cheering and rowdiness, with total disregard to performance or score.
  • One four-year old girl dressed in an utterly mismatched outfit of her choosing, which, consequently, she also wore to preschool that same day.
  • Proprietor marveling at the motherliness of one nine-year old girl, commenting to the mother of the girl, "your baby is taking care of your baby." Or something to that effect. 
Next time I will remember my camera. But here are a few pictures from yesterday of my baby who is sadly no longer a baby...

Looking eerily like a blue-eyed, red-headed Lucy

My little girls have a strange habit of wearing their sunglasses upside down

Finally got them right...but it's way cuter when they're upside down, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Alysia, I love your Blog. This one has me smiling!

alyaia75 said...

thank you :-)