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My Michigan Memory: Summer Vacation in Lexington, Michigan

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Almost every summer since Bethany was born, we've vacationed in The Thumb with my mother-in-law.  This year our plans fell through when the place we were supposed to be renting was unexpectedly sold at the last minute. So instead we did something different and moved our vacation to Lexington, which bills itself as the "First Resort North." Basically, it's at the base of The Thumb, when we typically stay at the tip of  The Thumb.

Sad kids who had to wait until the next was closed!
My grandparents used to have a second home in Lexington many years ago, so I spent a  lot of time there as a kid. Even after they sold their place, we would take regular day trips, a tradition I have sporadically kept up with my own children. Lexington is a little beach town, nestled on the shores of Lake Huron. The highlight for me, three plus decades ago, was The General Store. Back then they sold true penny candy, but even now they have a candy counter where kids can stand on a stool and point to everything they'd like, while a very patient employee fills a little paper bag with the chosen goodies. Needless to say, no visit to Lexington is complete without a trip to The General Store in town, and I would have to say I think it's also the highlight for my kids. It's worth a visit to the General Store even if you're not in the market for candy. They have all sorts of unique merchandise in a really cool setting. There's more stuff upstairs too! But do keep in mind that they close early!

Our cottage was an awesome, refurbished (with central air, a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer) old house with lots of space, a heavenly front porch, and a huge yard. We were only about one block from town (ie: The General Store), one block from the beach, and one block from Dairy Queen. In short, a perfect location! The downside would be that several of the restaurants in town have closed and dining options within walking distance were very limited. But we made the best of it and managed just fine.

Sunset at the beach
The public beach is sandy, with warm, shallow water (no rocks! no seaweed!). There's a playground, restrooms, concerts on Friday nights in the summer (we caught a little of an Elvis impersonator), and a long pier to walk along for gorgeous views. It is kind of small and narrow, and it tends to get pretty crowded. We did hang out there some, but since we prefer a little more privacy on the beach, we made the trip to nearby Lakeport State Park a couple times. It was about a 20 minute drive, but there the beach is big, spread out, and sparsely populated. The park is accessed right off of M-25, south of town, with the parking lot on the opposite side of the street. You have to cross a pedestrian bridge to get to the beach, but the walk isn't too bad. This was my first time at Lakeport, and I'd definitely go back for a beach day - it is only about an hour from home. It's clean and the water is warm and shallow, although a bit rocky. You might want to bring some water shoes.

Our first visit to the state park, as we were packing everything up to leave, an older gentleman ran over to tell me how impressed he was with my children. He positively raved about how nice and well-behaved they were, and said he didn't want me to leave without telling me. This stranger's kind comments gave me fortitude the rest of the week every time we had a difficult moment, and trust me, there were plenty. But I'm glad he saw them on a good day and took the time to come over and say such wonderful things about them. It got me thinking that I don't give out compliments often enough, especially to strangers, and how a few kind words can really make someone's day, or even week.

We had a lovely, relaxing vacation. I'll tell you more about it soon...

A perfect day at Lakeport State Park
Lakeport State Park

Lakeport State Park
Beautiful beach at Lakeport State Park, Lexington, Michigan
Boogie boarding in Lake Huron, Lakeport State Park, Lexington, Michigan
Busy building sand castles at Lakeport State Park, Lexington, Michigan
That's quite a rock you've got there, Lucy! Lakeport State Park, Lexington, Michigan
Candy-crazed in Lexington, Michigan

In candy heaven...although I suspect that candy cigarettes are not quite PC? Lexington, Michigan

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Mrs. Weber said...

What an awesome adventure, complete with great photos. I have a friend who has property in Lexington and I never really knew what was there. Thanks for educating me to know my state better! Looks like the perfect retreat to enjoy a beautiful beach :)