Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Does Not Always Technically Mean Free: Midland Center for the Arts

Midland Center for the Arts
This summer, I've been linking up with Mrs. Weber's Neighborhood for My Michigan Memory, and entering the Michigan-themed giveaways. I love writing about Michigan, so it's been fun...but I've also been lucky! I've won TWO of the giveaways! I won a family four pack of tickets to Midland Center for the Arts for the Bob the Builder exhibit, and I won a family four pack of tickets to the DIA. Winning is awesome sauce, no?

The Bob the Builder tickets were set to expire this past weekend, and truth be told I just didn't know if I was going to get to it. Midland is over two hours from my house, and we have spent so much time away from home recently. But the day before the exhibit ended, I saw fit to cajole Chris into a little day trip. Bethany was mortified and did not want to be seen going into a museum that was advertising a juvenile Bob the Builder exhibit, but too bad kid. You're still under our thumbs. I did sweeten the deal for her a little by suggesting we stop on the way home and do a little school clothes shopping.

So, umm, are you catching this? Two hours from home? School clothes shopping? Is it just me, or does this "free" day sound like it's about to get expensive? Let's break it down.

  • Four free tickets to Midland Center for the Arts. Going rate: $8/adults, $5/kids. Which means we saved $26. Great!
  • But...there are not four of us. There are six of us. Mattie was free, so that left us only needing to buy 1 child's ticket @ $5.
  • Sucker daddy can't walk through the gift shop without buying a trinket for each of his lovies. I'm talking about the kids, by the way. I don't know how much he spent, but it wasn't free.
  • We left the house right about lunch time...brilliant move. This meant stopping at a drive-thru for lunch on the go. We did make the kids drink water with their crap food. Because that made it so much better. But the food was not free either. (Please note: I did not really take part in the fast food orgy. I ordered apples and yogurt dip, and drank organic ice tea that I brought from home.)
  • On the way home, we stopped at Birch Run (outlet mall) and did a couple hours worth of school shopping. Amount spent: let's not go there. We did save quite a bit by shopping for bargains, and Chris even convinced the sales clerk at The Children's Place to accept our 25% off coupon, even though it clearly stated that it was not valid at outlet stores. Still though...not free.
  • Chris spotted a Toys R Us at Birch Run, and I remembered that Mattie still had a gift card from her birthday.. But then of course it would not be "fair" for Mattie to get something and no one else, so everyone got something. $$$$
  • By now it was dinner time, so we stopped to eat before driving on home. Yeah, we had to pay for that too.
  • Long drive = lots of gas. Not cheap.
Midland Center for the Arts
So, I won these tickets, which was awesome. This motivated us to have a family day. We had a great time, and we're so glad we went. But the price tag on our day was considerably higher than free. I'm thrilled that I won the tickets, of course. I just think it's kind of funny that those tickets ended up costing us a pretty penny!

I wonder how much it's going to set us back when we use those DIA tickets?

Thank you to Mrs. Weber's Neighborhood and Midland Center for the Arts! All of us had a great time at the museum! And I'm also thankful for the family day inspiration!

Midland Center for the Arts

Midland Center for the Arts

My kids are on a never ending mission to grace all photos with silly faces. Midland Center for the Arts
Midland Center for the Arts

See what I mean about the faces? Midland Center for the Arts


Mrs. Weber said...

Oh no! So funny...I wished they wouldn't have expired so soon.

Glad you had a good time though regardless of the big bucks spent! Hopefully you won't have that issue with the DIA tickets since it's closer to home...Maybe pack a picnic this time? ;)

alyaia75 said...

We had a great time! I think the DIA trip will definitely be cheaper ;-)