Friday, December 5, 2014

ReZoopie Cookbook from The Detroit Zoo & Door to Door Organics + GIVEAWAY!
ReZoopie Eat Like an Animal Cookbook

Do you sometimes struggle to convince your kids that eating healthy is the best choice? I know I do, and I can use all the help I can get. Lecturing them about the benefits of eating all their veggies only goes so far. But my kids are huge animal lovers, so maybe they would like to "eat like an animal", specifically, like their favorite animals at the Detroit Zoo.

The Detroit Zoo has partnered with Door to Door Organics to create ReZoopie, a fun kid-friendly cookbook. ReZoopie features animals from the Detroit Zoo, and recipes made with ingredients from Door to Door Organics. The cookbook is designed to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your kids' diets - just like their favorite animals. It's full of cute illustrations and real photos of Detroit Zoo animals, as well as photographs of each recipe. The recipes are simple and appealing, like the Porcupine Pick-Ups, made with squash, broccoli and carrots - and they look delicious!

Here's the scoop:

  • Visit Door to Door Organics and get $10 off your order using code DETROITZOO **new customers only**
  • Get the ReZoopie cookbook for FREE  HERE. This is a pdf digital copy, which you can download onto your computer or print. (Have a Kindle? Once you download the book and have the file saved on your computer, send an email to your Kindle email address with the book's file as an attachment. Voila! Easy access on your e-reader).
  • Enter to Win a fabulous prize package, using the form below!
What can you win? Both of these great prizes!

A $100 gift card for Door to Door Organics 


4 tickets to Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo (happening on weekend evenings, 5:30-9 p.m., from now until December 31: Dec. 5-7, 11-14, 18-23, and 26-31)

Good luck! And be sure to tell everyone what you think of the recipes - leave a comment with your favorite recipe!

Disclaimer: MichiGal is receiving goods and/or services in exchange for this post.

Detroit Zoo Wild Nights + Door to Door Organics

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