Friday, April 3, 2020

Things I'm Grateful For

What better time to focus on the positives?

Just a few things I'm grateful for...

Reading is like my favorite. So what I'm grateful for is books. I use to have a big long list of books to read on my phone which inexplicably got deleted. Because APPLE. Ugh. Can't live without it but it's definitely a love-hate relationshcip. So now I'm just winging it. I use to request books from the library quite a bit but you know now we aren't allowed to go to libraries. So that's no fun.

A friend of mine (hi Chris!) gave me a bunch of books to read, which I've been slowly making my way through. Another friend (hi Barb!) started a book club, which is obviously on hiatus right now. But she also gives me books, which is very much appreciated. And a customer at Bethany's work, where she is a waitress, brings in books for me. I'm reading one from him right now. Historical fiction about Hitler and how he was always paranoid that someone would poison him.  What a way to live!

So as you can see, it you didn't already know, readers are nice, generous folks.

Okay, something else I'm grateful for: puppies. Because what a boring world it would be (hahahahaha) without my two beagle pups. Mocha is almost 2 and Apollo is almost 1. They are the best of friends and play together like wild maniacs. They give me a reason to go outside every single day. And they are the absolute BEST cuddlers. As much as they drive me nuts, and they do, I'm so grateful to have them.

Okay,let's keep going...

I'm grateful for technology. It allows me to easily check on my loved ones on a regular basis. It allows my kids to keep in touch with their friends. It allows Bethany to keep up with her schoolwork. It allows Mathilda's class to have virtual get togethers. It basically allows us all to survive and function right now. Hard to fathom how differently this would have played out in the 80s.  

There so many more thing I'm so incredibly grateful for, but that's a good start...  

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Charles said...

I'm grateful that you restarted your blog, and some mornings I wake up to a Michigal email with something uplifting to start me day. Keep up the great work.