Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Is Fun

I am having a Fun February. And there are lots of great things to look forward to in the coming months. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Friday afternoon Lucy, Mathilda, and I met Lucy's friend John from preschool at The Bounce House. Bethany was there a couple weeks ago for a birthday party, and Connor was going the day after us for a birthday party. So yay for Lucy & Mathilda, they got a turn too.

Mathilda refused to actually bounce on anything, but she had fun running around like a lunatic and "playing" video games.

Lucy says she and John are getting married someday. I don't think John has anything to say about it. He's a boy who likes princesses, why waste time looking any further?

Mathilda has been talking a lot. She started saying "I scared" last week when Connor was chasing her around the house with his snake Webkinz. Now she says it all the time, sometimes paired with "I cry" while adorably covering her eyes with her hands. Lucy has been teaching Mathilda how to play her Leapster.

Mathilda shares Bethany's love for snazzy accessories.

Lucy has also figured out how to get Mathilda to do her breathing treatments without fussing.

Mattie is sitting in a doll stroller, which Lucy has thoughtfully equipped with many comforts, such as a pillow, a blanket, a lovey (Zoe), a cup of water, snacks, and lots more.

I have wheezy kids. Well except Connor, I don't think he's ever wheezed. I myself was a wheezy kid, but I always blamed it on living with smokers and being constantly subjected to the toxic fumes of second hand smoke. (Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that Michigan is now Smoke Free? Love it! Sorry smokers. Well, not really.) My kids are never around smoke and yet they're still wheezy. But not as bad as I was. My poor mother spent many late nights in emergency rooms with me. That has only happened once with Bethany. Imagine how sickly my babies would be if I forced them to sit in a metal box and inhale poison on a daily basis (in other words, sit in the back seat of a car while the adults in the front seat are smoking and forcing me to suck in all of their nasty smoke)? Hurray for progress. And for the record, my mom didn't smoke, just pretty much every other adult in my life.

Here are a couple sneak peak promo shots of Bethany's new band. Unfortunately, only one other band member was here for the photo shoot.

Do me a favor and pretend you don't see the mess of my basement storage room. Thanks.
Fellow band-mate and non musician, Marissa.

Speaking of musicians, Chris's band The Smiths United played on Friday night at The Old Miami downtown Detroit. I went and some of my friends went and it was really fun. Except that the sound was taking forever and the opening band started way later than they were supposed to and played way longer than they were supposed to and I'm old so I get tired early. Our friend Jerry was there taking pictures with his new super-awesome-and-I'm-so-jealous camera and mentioned to me that I should start a blog about being married to a musician. Ha, yeah I should have done that like 12 years ago. How many nights of my life have I spent sitting in hole in the wall bars in Hamtramck? Wait, that's a trick question, don't strain your brain trying to answer. But for all those nights in dumpy Hamtramck pits, there have been some really awesome high points, like seeing Chris sing on the big stage at Pine Knob (DTE? what's that?), and shows so packed that getting to the ladies room required strategic maneuvering. I don't know about a blog, but good idea Jerry.

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