Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Did It!

Yesterday was a successful day. I got through my birthday without once getting overly crabby. In fact I hardly got crabby at all. I had a good day.

One of my very best and oldest friends (as in we've been friends since 7th grade), Julie, treated me to a delicious French toast breakfast at The Pantry. We each brought our youngest offspring with us, who are only months apart and destined to stand up in each others weddings one day. I love Julie and am always happy when I'm with her. So, it was a good way to start my challenging day, otherwise known as my birthday.

My dad came over for a visit, which was lovely, especially since we don't get to see each other very often. Chris went to Secretary of State for me to renew my tabs (thank you honey!) so I wouldn't have to sit there and get crabby on my birthday. Yes I could have gone before my birthday, or actually mailed in the renewal, but geez that takes foresight and preparation and that is just not how I roll. While Chris was getting crabby for me at SOS, my mom and I took the kids bowling. We only had to get someone to retrieve a stalled ball two times, and just watching Lucy do a little victory dance every single time she rolled that ball down the lane made the whole thing worthwhile and fun. Connor is getting much better (he even had a strike or two!), and Bethany is so strong she just amazes me. I was one of those kids who could never climb the rope in gym class or do a single pull-up, and Bethany is one of those kids who climbs swing sets at the park and gives her mother a heart attack, so yeah she can totally hurl a bowling ball. She practically throws it.  

After bowling, my mom came over and had dinner with us - homemade (by Chris) lasagna and cassata cake (from a bakery) for dessert.

It was a nice, pleasant day, and I don't have one single thing to complain about. I knew I could do it!

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