Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Girls Allowed

Connor had some buddies over to celebrate his birthday on Friday evening, which was really great because typically he is just floundering in a sea of girls. I love that when he is with his friends his number one most commonly used word is dude, and when he is not with his friends he never ever says dude. I'm sure he enjoyed playing Mario Brothers with his friends way more than he enjoys playing it with his 4 year old sister, who is the most lazy video game player ever. I'm also pretty sure he was thrilled that the boys in the house were outnumbering the girls for once. Besides playing the Wii, the kids each made their own pizza, played Bey Blades and Lego Ninja-whatever-you-call-'ems, ate cake and ice cream, and that's about it. 

After Connor's last guest had left, Chris and I took all 4 kids to his mom's to spend the night. Which turned out to be a good thing since Chris woke me up at 3:30 in the morning to let me know our basement was flooding. And then I was up, like for the day. Fun night that was. Gotta love living in a flood zone. But we got lucky and moved everything that needed to be moved before anything got ruined, and got a plumber out pretty early Saturday morning to snake our line (damn tree roots + snow thaw + rain = bad news).  

The irony too was that after all the snow melted it snowed yet again Saturday. Hahahaha. Pay no attention to me as I use every ounce of self control available to my being to not lose my mind while I'm not very patiently waiting for Spring's arrival.  I am dreaming of a green backyard with no mud, flowers blooming all around, kids riding bikes, leaving the house without being bogged down in winter gear, ice-free sidewalks, turning off the furnace and opening the windows, cooking on the grill, and open-toe shoes. Soon...

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