Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 This week I'm trying a new link-up with This Kind of Love!

Eggnog  I love eggnog, and I don't even spike it. I was really excited when I saw the sign up at McDonald's: Eggnog Milkshakes. So I went through the drive-thru after parent-teacher conferences last week, for a treat for the kids, and I have to say I was disappointed. Milkshakes are one of the few things I like at McD's, and I thought I had these in the past & loved them. But blech, it wasn't very good. However! I still finished it. AND we got some eggnog & vanilla ice cream for home, so I've been making eggnog milkshakes myself and they are sublime. Even with low fat eggnog. The other night I made an oven pancake for dinner (breakfast for dinner) and used eggnog in place of the milk. It came out really good, although for some reason I can no longer get my oven pancakes to stay puffed up. French toast with eggnog is good too.

Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha  I usually go for frozen frou-frou coffee drinks, yes, even in the winter. But something about salted caramel called to me and connected with me on a deeper level, so of course I had to try it. And the rest is history. I only allow myself to splurge on delicious coffee drinks a couple times a month, so when I do it has to count, you know? This one is worth the cost, both monetary and caloric.

Land's End sleeping bag coat  Land's End sends me multiple emails a day it seems, with their latest deals and whatnot. So after opening one of them last week and clicking through to the site, I started browsing the coats...and found one I loved. And it was on sale for 1/2 off. And I had a coupon code for 40% off one item. And shipping was free for purchases over a certain amount. I did what any self-respecting 37-year old woman would do...I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to buy it for me for Christmas. She said it could be my early birthday present. I  hurriedly ordered, and good thing too because the price increased by about $30 within a matter of hours, and now it is gone from the site, so I can only assume it's sold out. I call it my sleeping bag coat because it's a full length down coat, all puffy and cushy and soft and cuddly. It has fleecy pockets and fleecy cuffs and a warm hood. And it's purple, because Mattie wanted me to have a purple coat. Love it. Here's the deal rundown, in case you're interested. Probably not, but just skip on by if that's the case.

Regular price: $197
Sale price: $97
40% off any item code
Gift card Land's End sent us last year after some ridiculous ordering mishap that didn't even cost us anything
Final price: $40 (not taking into account $2.42 from Ebates and Shop Your Way Rewards points, so really more like $35!)

Raspberry ketones  Losing weight is extremely difficult for me. I mean, maybe some people can drastically change their diets and quadruple their workout time and at least lose 5 pounds to show for it. But not me. I'm not a calorie counter, and I can't starve myself either. Chris heard about raspberry ketones, and I did too thanks to numerous spam messages on Facebook and in my email account. But he actually looked into them and went to the health food store & bought some. They are endorsed by Dr. Oz, and if he's good enough for Oprah then he's good enough for me. Anyway, I've been taking them and I have noticed a huge difference. As I've mentioned before, I don't typically weigh myself. I did today, but it's been so long that I can't remember what I weighed before. I'm pretty sure I've dropped about 10 pounds. More importantly, my clothes fit better and Chris can't stop telling me how great I look. Is it truly the raspberry ketones that's helping me slim down? That's hard to say for certain, but I'm not quitting them anytime soon.

Couch25K  I've told you all about my love for the couch25K app in a previous post. But I'm actually close to conquering it, so I have to mention it again. So far, I'm through week 8/day 1, and I plan on finishing the program by the end of the week. Because...I've officially registered for my very first 5K! It's on Sunday, and I don't feel totally ready, but my good friend wants to do a 5K with me before she has surgery next month, so I decided to jump in with two feet. Remember Shelly, I warned you that I am slooooooow!

Christmas shopping  I get all giddy buying presents for people, especially my kids. I keep coming up with more and more ideas for them, but Chris is going to kill me if I don't stop soon. So I will. Soon.

JAWS cleaning products  I got these to review and haven't actually reviewed them yet (post coming soon!), but I love them! The thing I love best about them  is that they're non-toxic. Right now I'm running a giveaway, so you can have a chance to win your own set of JAWS (which stands for Just Add Water System) products!

My new clipboard  We had our preschool board Christmas dinner last week, and our VP surprised us each with an adorable clipboard that she made. There is just something about a clipboard that makes me feel totally important. Plus, look how cute it is!

Basketball games Bethany played in her first basketball game of the season last weekend and it was a riveting game, right down to the last second. Who knew 5th/6th grade basketball could be so exciting?? Well, I did actually since she played last year too. But I love going to the games and watching how much these girls progress and improve. I've never been into sports, but apparently as long as my offspring is involved, I love watching!

Report cards  Bethany, Connor, and Lucy had fabulous report cards this term. This is really no shocker because they always do well in school, but I'm very proud of them. I went to conferences for Connor & Lucy last week, and their teachers had only wonderful things to say about them. (Bethany's conferences were a few weeks ago & also went very well.) I'm especially proud of how well Bethany is adapting to middle school. She's a busy gal, sometimes not getting home from her activities until after 8 pm, but she has been great about sitting down to do her homework as soon as she gets home, studying, and doing extra credit whenever possible. Her final grades were 5 As and 1 B+, in computers...which cracks me up because she is pretty much a computer whiz. Okay, done bragging ;-)

Hummus Hard to believe that this time last year, I despised hummus. But when I switched to a vegetarian diet several months ago I started trying, or re-trying, lots of foods that I never use to eat. One day I was at a party and put a little scoop of hummus on my plate...and loved it. And now I eat it all the time. Go figure.

What are you loving right now?

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