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Hillside Furniture

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Hillside Furniture, Bloomfield Hills, MI
This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Hillside Furniture, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, for the first time. I enjoy going to new places and seeing all kinds of interesting things, but I am an east side girl, born and (mostly) raised. In other words, Bloomfield Hills is like a foreign territory to me. Without the wonderful world of blogging, it may have never occurred to me to take a little 30 minute drive over to 2300 Telegraph to check out the offerings of Michigan's premier retailer of contemporary furnishings. I was working on a social media tweeting campaign with Rebecca of Finding My Blog, Amber of Metro Detroit Mommy, and Shannon of SoGlamMedia. Together, we toured the store, and learned more about what it has to offer the Metro Detroit shopper.

My fellow tweeters and I, l-r Amber, Rebecca, yours truly, & Shannon

Hillside was hosting its 3rd annual Home Entertainment Expo, with all kinds of special happenings. Representatives from event sponsors American Leather, BDI Furniture, and Crypton at Home were on hand to talk to customers, share information, and do live demonstrations. Just Baked donated beautiful (and delicious, I might add) cupcakes, and there was even pizza and family friendly movies playing on televisions throughout the store to keep the kids entertained.

The tweeters with Bruce Selik, CEO of Hillside Furniture

The purpose of the expo was to showcase the many ways in which contemporary furnishings can go hand-in-hand with the latest and greatest technology. I learned, for example, that it's possible to control everything from the lamp across the room to the thermostat, all while I relax on the couch, by utilizing an app. Something like that would have come in handy when my kids were babies, for all those times they fell asleep in my arms and I didn't want to move for fear of waking them! I also learned that the latest in furniture engineering and technology has brought new and improved American Leather sleeper sofas to the market, with no uncomfortable bar in the middle of the mattress to torture your overnight guests. The mattresses for these sofa sleepers are made with covers by Crypton at Home, and are completely water proof, microbial resistant, and ridiculously easy to clean. Messes and odors simply cannot penetrate the surface. I don't think there's a mom in the world who doesn't want all those qualities in every mattress and upholstered surface in her home!

Notice the purple chairs in the background! Fun!
In today's constantly connected world, comfortable access to our electronics is important. Balancing a laptop on my lap is no fun, but BDI Furniture has helpful options that are available at Hillside, like the popular Bink table, perfectly sized to complement your sofa. The Stressless chairs also have the option of attached portable tables - how convenient! I really love how Hillside strives to keep ahead of the game, focusing on things like home theater integration, which is important to many consumers. Not only do they sell beautiful furniture, they also strive to keep their customers up to date by offering products that utilize technology in a positive, aesthetic, and comfortable way. And all sales associates are equipped with iPads to ease the shopping experience. How innovative! Customers can sit right down on that sofa they'd like to purchase, and quickly skim through fabric options, and then the sales associate can check availability and even place orders, right there - within minutes.

Speaking of furniture, from the moment I walked in the door, I could see that Hillside's offerings are quite different from those in other area furniture stores I've been to. My breath caught as I set my eyes upon - could it be? - silver sofas.  Ooooooh. Everywhere I turned I saw glitter and glam, and I later discovered that the crystals decorating several pieces are none other than Swarovski. Ahhhhhh. From bedroom sets fit for a queen, to gorgeous light fixtures, I was immediately enamored of all of it. I love the matching rugs and place mats, the glittering side tables, and the colorful sofas.

The place mats match the rug!

Could I love this bedroom set anymore? One of my favorite sets in the store.

Love the color!

I want this chair for the office that I don't have!

Even the pillows are gorgeous.

Sparkly chair with matching end table.

I can't wait to go back to Hillside Furniture with Chris. I know he'll love the contemporary styling, the home theater seating, and the American Leather sectionals. If you've been there, I'd love to know what your favorite piece was!

Oh! One last thing! In 2012, Hillside Furniture was named Best Furniture Store by Hour Magazine, and I'd love to see them win the title again this year!  If you'd like to vote, you can go to the Hour Detroit website and register. While you're there, you can vote for all your local favorites, from restaurants to radio stations!

This is a sponsored post, and as such I will receive payment from Hillside Furniture, in partnership with SoGlamMedia. All opinions expressed are my own.

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