Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" once again to say So What!

If there is ice cream in the house, I can't not eat it. Same goes for candy, homemade cookies, and pretty  much anything chocolate. I am a weak, weak woman.

Monday I attempted my first outdoor run in a month. I got new shoes and I wanted to take them for a spin in the great outdoors. Except it is freezing here in Michigan. Like ridiculously cold.  So cold that my muscles didn't feel like they were working properly, and I was the ONLY person on the trail. And I was way under-dressed. And there was snow on the ground. I lasted about 40 minutes, but I didn't get very far, and I did more walking than running. I think I will stick to the treadmill until the temps top 30 degrees. Because I am not hardcore.

Despite everything I just typed, I am considering purchasing some cold weather running gear so that I can in fact run outdoors when it's freezing cold outside.

My new running shoes make me feel like I'm walking on air. I love them. Thank you to the very patient man at the running store who brought me several pair of shoes to try and did his best to entertain Mattie while I tried them on and made my decision. And also didn't bat an eye while she ran laps around the store.

Mattie's school was canceled Tuesday due to extremely cold temperatures, and I was so relieved.

I took Bethany and her friend shopping Sunday and I was appalled at the retro fashions that look like they came straight out of Winkelman's, circa 1987. Yikes. My grandma always told me that everything comes back in style sooner or later, but some things should keep their place in the past.

People keep making comments to me about me losing weight (I haven't weighed myself in ages - don't know how much I've lost, or if I have even lost anything). And that's great and makes me feel good and everything. But I'm still fairly certain I'm bigger now than I was when Mathilda was a newborn. And I felt fat then. It's all a matter of perspective, truly. I just needed to gain a bunch of weight and then lose it to realize that what I thought in the past was fat was actually not so bad, in comparison. Plus, if ice cream and homemade baked goods keep making their way into my house, I'm in big trouble. Weak I tell you, so weak!

I wish someone would direct me to the island of the misplaced device chargers. How can we have 8 Apple products, 2 smart phones, and 3 Kindles in this house, and only have the ability to locate (on a good day) about three chargers for all of these devices combined? What happens to these things???

Last year we were so spoiled with a mild winter, and now my reasons for hating this time of year are all coming back to me full force.

We now have a one-week vacation planned for this summer, at a cottage in Port Austin. Combined with our Chinese foreign exchange students, that means four weeks of our summer are already spoken for. Wow, that happened fast. 

I got a random gift card in the mail this week and I literally have absolutely no idea where it came from. Not that I'm complaining! But an explanatory note would have been nice to satisfy my curiosity!

What are you saying So What! to this week?


Emily said...

Visiting from SWW, loving your blog!

I wish someone would send me a random gift card in the mail, what a super nice treat!

I think you're pretty amazing to last 40 minutes outside in this weather. I'm sure it's colder up there in Michigan than it is here in Indy and there is no way I'd be outside running in this! Way to go!

Have a great day!

alyaia75 said...

Thanks for stopping by Emily!

Jennifer said...

Mystery gift cards are the best!!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

alyaia75 said...

Right!? There was a card that said something vague like "congratulations on winning your prize." I enter so many things, who knows?

Shannon Dew said...

I am so sad that we aren't getting another mild winter too! Last year was SO nice! I am OVER this cold. Like, over it!

Rachel said...

Chargers seem to vanish around here too...along with cell phones, remotes, ipods, keys and well..i think you get it! Ha.