Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Ordinary, Remarkable Night

Tonight was not perfect, but it was close.

I came home from the grocery store and all four kids ran downstairs to help me unload the van and put everything away.

A little while later, when we sat down to dinner, I asked, "who wants salad?" And everyone wanted salad. (What?!) While we were eating, I heard lots of "this is so good!" and "where did you get this recipe, mom?" which is all very funny because I am not known for my cooking skills.

There was some humming of Mamma Mia songs going on, from at least one child. So when we finished eating I put the soundtrack on because obviously they totally wanted me too. And there was singing and dancing while we cleaned up. And Connor, my beautiful son, said that he wants to see the movie after hearing the music so many times. He didn't say play, but it's a start.

After clean-up, I got out ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup - the works. Bethany crushed up fake Oreos (I'm the weird-o mom who buys the organic versions of everything, apparently for the sole purpose of embarrassing my kids. But tonight they were happy to eat the organic fake Oreos crushed up on their ice cream). We were celebrating an academic achievement for Bethany that she has worked very hard on this summer. I'm really proud of her. Our ice cream sundaes were delicious. Can't go wrong with ice cream.

Then when I announced it was time for workbooks and IXL (computer academic program Connor and Lucy do), everyone got right on it. Bethany offered to help Mathilda with her workbook. This was my perfect opportunity for some me time, so I put on my running shoes, which are not used for running very much these days, and went outside for a walk.

What a glorious night. I walked 3.65 miles and listened to music, smelling bonfires and laundry and loving the night sky and perfect summer air. Bethany called to check on me because it got dark and she wanted to make sure I was okay.

I came home to a quiet house. Chris wonked out on the couch and the kids all upstairs doing something that does not involve screaming at each other. Maybe they even went to bed. I don't know, and I'm waiting a few more minutes before I check.

Now I'll tell you a secret or two.

When I came home from the grocery store, I  had to yell pretty loudly to get everyone to come downstairs to help me.

During dinner, someone spilled milk and there was a little eye rolling, and kid passed on the salad. But she usually is the only one who eats it so that's okay.

While we were cleaning up and listening to Mamma Mia, there was a little antagonizing going on and a little tattling, and a little of me telling everyone to stop trying to ruin my perfectly lovely evening.

When we started making ice cream sundaes, someone dumped a large portion of our brand new jar of sprinkles on the counter, and while we ate our treats there was minimal sibling squabbling going on.

But despite these minor technicalities, it was a pretty darn near perfect night.

This is my version of perfect. It's not Mary Poppins, but it is real.

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