Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Anti-Bucket List

I have a Life List - a sort of bucket list of things I'd like to do at some point in my life. I hope you do too. My list is incomplete and I really should work on adding to it because I believe it's really important to have goals. But, in the meantime...my friend Melissa over at Rock and Drool inspired me with a different kind of list. The ANTI-Bucket list. A list of things I would never, ever, not in 10 billion years, want to do.

I love Melissa's list and agree with everything on it. Except maybe the baby thing. A small part of me wouldn't totally hate it if I were to become pregnant again by some miracle. And it would take a miracle, trust me. But I promised her I would think of different things for my list. I mean, it wouldn't be much fun just to copy.

Here's what's on my anti-bucket list:

  • Become a chef. Cooking is not my thing. Just ask my family. I can follow a recipe and all, but I don't like the process of cooking, or of thinking up my own way of preparing a meal, or anything related to it. Except dessert. Dessert I'm all over. I simply cannot envision a world in which I have mastered cooking and people actually let me cook for them in a professional setting.
  • Work in the medical profession. The sight of needles makes me feel feint. I can't even...ugh no, no, no. This is unfortunate because I think something medical could be a great career for me as a parent. But there is no way I could be involved with blood, needles, bodily waste, people's insides, surgeries, none of it.
  • Sing in front of other people. Whether doing karaoke in front of a bunch of drunk people, or getting up on a stage in front of hundreds of people like my husband regularly does, I just could not, would not sing in front of anyone. I might sing along to the radio now and then, or sing my kids a silly song, but I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be belting it out and showing off my (non-existent) vocal skills. No way, no how.
  • Fly a plane. Nope. Not ever gonna happen. I will never find myself in any kind of pilot capacity. I will also never be jumping out of a plane, but I feel that this one is so obvious that I'll bunch it in with "fly a plane".
  • Go to space. Listen, did you see Gravity? If that didn't squelch any fantasy you ever had about becoming a great space explorer, well I don't even know how to relate to you.
  • Get a facelift. I know I'm not quite at the age yet to be worrying about such things, but aging is okay with me. I don't expect to look 30 when I'm 60. I do not want a doctor to be re-configuring my face. I'll do my part with the sunscreen, and the rest...so be it.
  • Eat strange animals, organs, and other disgusting things. I don't want my own show on the Food Network. I'm a vegetarian anyway, but if for some reason I ever start eating meat again, it won't be lamb brains or kangaroos or anything like that. 
  • Become a professional bodybuilder. I'm all for women being strong and athletic, but the whole female bodybuilder thing doesn't suit me. I do not want to look masculine with huge bulging muscles. I like feminine curves and softness. If that is your thing, good for you! You're probably way healthier than me. But for me, no thanks.
  • Do one of those crazy food challenges. I recently went to Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland, where, for a mere $30, customers can eat a gigantic grilled cheese sandwich, complete with 16 slices of cheese, french fries (on the sandwich) and 3.5 pounds of coleslaw (also ON the sandwich). And if they finish, they get a t-shirt and their picture in the hall of fame. Uh, no thanks. Even if you pay me, I have no desire to eat until I'm sick, and then force myself to eat more.
  • Become Amish. Is this even a thing? Is it possible to become Amish, or does one need to be born into it? Well anyway, I can sort of see the appeal of a simpler way of life. But at the same time I love modern amenities way too much. And not wearing bonnets and ankle length dresses. No offense to the Amish, who I guess would not be reading this because, well, you know. Anyway. No Amish life for me. I could live fairly primitively for a couple months if I had to, but I'd have my iPhone with me. 
This list was fun to make! I would love to know what's on YOUR anti-bucket list! Leave me a comment below or comment over on the MichiGal Facebook page!


Melissa said...

Omg. I love this! I'm with you on almost all of these. Except...I like to cook. It's on my family's anti-bucket list to eat what I cook.

alyaia75 said...

Ha. I am pretty sure my family feels the same!

Shelly said...

I think I could do the Amish thing for a minute but they do go to church a lot so that would be a problem..LOL I could maybe jump out of a plane and I totally want to look 30 when I'm 60. Heck I want to look 30 now! Lol

Unknown said...

What a neat idea, an anti-bucket list! Never would have thought to do one of these. I have a few items that would be on my list.

I've sang in front of other people, got stuck doing karaoke once. Medical field work wouldn't bother me as long as it has nothing to do with eyes LOL

DetroitDuchess said...

I would never skydive. You couldn't pay me enough.

CrazyNutsMom said...

I'd have to agree with you there on your list. Not something I'd want to do either.

Unknown said...

Funny how what is one one's anit-bucket list is another's idea of a good time.

I love to cook, so becoming a Chef is something I have pipe dreams about... I would to at least take a cooking class.

I used to be a karaoke host... so I love to sing, especially in front of an audience. I miss it.

I would also love to go into space and although jumping out of a plane is pretty scary, I think it might be a ton of fun!