Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 2 -Complete!

I have made it almost 2 full days into my 21- day challenge. Not complaining is a little more difficult than I at first imagined. Hopefully I can keep it going, and not have to slide back down to day zero yet again. I am finding that I am much more conscious of my words before they come out of my mouth, but still thinking complaints fairly often. At least I am not spreading the negativity when I don't let the words escape, but I need to work a bit on changing my way of thinking all together. I don't think I am a terribly bad complainer under normal circumstances, but everyone has room for improvement. And maybe my challenge will serve as an example for certain members of my household.

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion in my life: I got contact lenses for the first time! I am not sure what has kept me from trying them for so long. Before Chris and I were married, I remember that I had an appointment to be fitted for contacts, but for some reason I canceled and never did anything else about it until now. I think it has been a combination of the cost factor and my sometimes reluctance/fear of doing new things. I have been increasingly sick of wearing glasses, and really, how I look in glasses. Eventually I do want the laser surgery, and maybe sometime in the next couple years we can find the money for it. But in the meantime, I am very excited to have become a contact lens wearer! I had to put them in at the store, which was much more challenging than I thought. It is going to take some practice for sure. Yesterday I wore them for four hours, today for six hours, and I will gradually move up to 14 hours a day. Today it did not take me quite as long to put them in. The sensation is a little odd, but they are not really uncomfortable at all. I feel sort of out of sorts when wearing them - I am so accustomed to my glasses. I did also order new glasses and sunglasses, and I'm excited about that too. For the past almost two months I have been wearing broken glasses, not to mention that these glasses have never really fit me properly, and I've had them for three years. Amazing what I will put up with for long periods of time! I am happy I actually did something for myself, especially something I have been wanting to do for quite some time now.

Today I did something else I've been wanting to do for ages - went back to the gym! I dropped my little girls off at Linda's and met my lovely friend Cathy. We walked and talked and did some weights and I loved every moment. I hope it is the beginning of a good thing, because I definitely feel the need to get back into regular workouts. Exercising with a friend is so much more fun than doing it alone. Cathy mentioned we should do a half marathon together, which I think is a fabulous idea, despite the fact that I have never been a runner. I know I can do it if I train properly. I love exciting changes. This is a good time of year for me. I usually feel motivated and happy during the spring, which is so nice after a dreary winter of wanting to hide under the covers and hibernate. I'm in the mood to get things done and shake things up a little.

Chris and I are talking about going on a trip, just the two of us, for our anniversary this summer. We are not sure where, the main requirement is that it is very warm. A couple places we have been considering are Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. I don't have a valid passport, and I'm not sure I trust that I would definitely have one by July, so we haven't been looking much at places that require a passport. We both want to go to Vegas, but I know it would be wicked hot that time of year, without benefit of refreshing ocean breezes. However, we could go to the Grand Canyon from there, which is something I have been wanting to do forever. Puerto Rico, on the other hand, would be nice and tropical, and I have also been wanting to go there for a long time; in fact, it was my first choice for our honeymoon (although I l-o-v-e-d Jamaica!). Plus we could visit the rainforest, which is right up my alley. We will have to see what kind of deals we can find for both destinations and take it from there. I am excited to think we could actually be going on a real vacation alone together. There is also the part of me that thinks nothing is worth doing without my kids. I know that is weird, and that couple time would be extremely awesome and beneficial to us, but I always want to share everything with my kids. I think I'll get over it though!

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