Friday, March 19, 2010

Funny Girls

This morning on the way to school, "Hot Stuff" came on the radio and I turned it up really loud. Mathilda was going wild! She really loves music. Bethany & Connor were cracking up. I couldn't see her since her seat is facing backwards, but they said she was dancing and doing the robot. I could see her car seat bouncing a little. When Chris plays drums or piano she bounces around wildly. While she is in her exersaucer, she goes bananas yelling and bouncing - with or without music. She has the deepest chuckle, it reminds me quite a bit of Connor when he was younger. Tickling her is such fun, she laughs so loudly.  I have even caught her tickling her own feet and laughing out loud! She is saying "mama" and "dada" quite regularly, and she has been heard saying "baby", "Lulu", and "ta-da". And last night she slept in the pack in play until 6 a.m.! This is a huge accomplishment for her.

Sometimes Lucy says the most amusing things. This morning she saw me sprinkling some Benefiber in my cereal and she said, "what on earth is that?".  Last week I was getting her bedtime movie ready for her, and asked if she wanted to watch Little Einsteins. Her response was, "I'm not sure I'm interested in Little Einsteins right now." When she is angry with me she sometimes tells me I'm "ruining her life". Lately she has been talking about Caseville often and asking me when we are going back. There are so many more I wish I could remember right now. She is such a funny little three year old.

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