Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing Hooky

Bethany had a pretty special day today. Her Meema had an extra ticket to an Irish music concert at Orchestra Hall this morning, and asked if Bethany might be allowed to miss school to go. She hasn't had too  many absences this year, so we agreed. Last night she slept over and Meema took her shopping at Macy's. She was so excited about all her new clothes, she had to call and tell me about everything before bed. The concert included Irish dancing, which is pretty neat since Bethany is currently taking Irish dance lessons. I think she felt very grown up, going to the symphony and then to lunch while everyone else was at school. And she looked so cute when she came home, wearing one of her new outfits. I am so grateful that my kids have such awesome opportunities to do cool things!

When Bethany came home, it was time for her kid pick dinner. Every Thursday, the kids take turn choosing what we have for dinner. The only real rule is it has to be something we cook - no carry out. She chose Chinese food. Due to time constraints, we went with frozen Chinese food purchased from Kroger, but it was all really yummy and generated some interesting conversation about Chinese culture. After dinner, I dropped Bethany off at Lakeshore High School for a Girl Scout swimming event.

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