Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Know I Can Do This!

Today I slipped early in the day and complained about Chris leaving the radio on so loud in the van that I could hear it in the house when I started the van with the remote start. But I did great the rest of the day, and I know I am capable of getting through 21 days with no complaining. Tomorrow will be better!

This morning I had an eye exam, including an exam for contact lenses. I will be going back tomorrow morning - sans children - to partake in the contact lens class, and then I will be sent home with a pair of trial contacts. Because I cannot imagine a world without glasses, I am also ordering new glasses. I'm really excited about this, I've been wanting to try contacts for a long time.

When I was at Target a couple days ago, I bought Mathilda her first toothbrush and baby toothpaste. She loves having her teeth brushed! She smiles and laughs at herself in the mirror. Lucy is continuing her long stretch of wearing princess dresses almost 24/7. The last couple days she has been impersonating Princess Analiese from "Princess and the Pauper". A couple days ago, when I took the girls to school with me for my weekly volunteer work, she wore her Ariel dress and received lots of attention for it. Everytime someone mentioned what a beautiful princess she was, her reply was, "actually I am Lucy Margaret." I absolutely L-O-V-E that Lucy wants to wear a princess dress everywhere. Three is such a fun age. She is sassy as can be, but coupled with sweet and silly beyond measure. Bethany is reading Twilight. I think it is a bit old for her, but I will be impressed if she finishes. If she wants to take on a book of that length, I am not going to discourage her. I should probably re-read it along with her. As she goes along, I have been trying to get her to discuss it with me somewhat and to stop and ask questions when she doesn't understand something. Connor went to dinner with mom tonight while the girls and I were at dance. He will be starting soccer again next month, which I am both looking forward to and dreading. I hope the weather warms up considerably by then.

I have been reading quite a bit of the soul travelers 3 blog, which I have been following off and on for years. The Soul Travelers 3 are a family of three from California who sold their home a few years ago and started living a nomadic life. They bought an RV in Europe and do quite a bit of overland traveling with that, including lots of camping, and spend five months of the year renting a home in Spain. I love reading about all their wonderful adventures, and dream of living like that. It would be exponentially more challenging with four kids versus one, but still rewarding and lovely I think. They say they have no plans on stopping anytime soon, and seem to be genuinely loving their lifestyle. I know it is far-fetched and Chris would never go for it, but I would love to try living like that for awhile. I would want to wait a few years, at least until Mathilda is out of diapers. Sometimes I just feel very strongly that I want to live life differently. Perhaps moving frequently as a child set the tone for me, and nudged me toward wanderlust. I am torn as to which is better: change or stability. I remember being envious of the kids who had known each other since kindergarten and lived in the same house their whole lives. But at the same time, looking back as an adult, I am very grateful for the opportunities I had growing up and the traveling experiences. It is mind boggling to think how different life is for my children than it was for me. They have two parents and each other, first and foremost. They have only moved once, which, paired with switching schools was traumatic enough for Bethany. They have their own beds. They have so much stuff. I would be thrilled to travel through the U.S. for a month or two, but I dream of more exotic locales as well.

For now I will make do with whatever small trip we can muster up here and there. I am semi-planning a small trip for Spring Break. There are a couple problems. The first issue is that Chris is starting a new job and still uncertain whether he will be working during that time. If he does have to work, Linda has said she will be happy to come along with the kids and me. A family trip is what I really want, but I deeply appreciate Linda hanging around and making herself available until the last minute, and know we would have a great time together. The other situation is money. I have several savings bonds I will be cashing in to finance this little voyage, but I may have to go downtown in the next couple days to get a copy of my marriage license, since the bonds are in my maiden name. As far as other trips in the near future, mom and I will do something with the kids this summer. We also have a trip planned to Caseville again. Chris and I are considering using part of our tax return to take a trip, just the two of us. We will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary in July, and a get-away together would be a nice way to commemorate this special occasion. These little trips keep me going and satiate my need to explore for the time being.

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