Thursday, January 13, 2011

Has Anyone Ever Actually Sold Their Kids To The Gypsies?

I love having my kids home with me. Snow days are fantastic, school breaks are lovely. Sick days, on the other hand...not so much. My big kids have strep throat and the antibiotics have started to kick in, so they're still sick enough to miss school tomorrow but well enough to follow me around the house all day and drive me batty. Oh my gosh they never stop eating. The very second they finish one thing, they are pestering me about what's up next on the menu. Lucy and Mathilda love to do everything their big brother and big sister do, so they have joined in on the fun too. Four kids taking turns begging me for food all day long, and well I pretty much got nothing done all day that didn't involve toasting bread, pouring Vernors, making Jello, cutting up apples, and washing dishes. Cause all that eating uses up lots of dishes.

Luckily, they love t.v., so at least I don't have to entertain them all day while I'm preparing and delivering food, and perpetually cleaning up the kitchen. Well Mathilda does love t.v., but she also loves mischief  plus she seems to have me confused with the cruise director, so I spend a lot of time sort of pretending to play half-ass games with her while I'm simultaneously doing ten million other things. Sorry Mathilda if you're scarred for life. Someday maybe you'll be a mother with kids home sick from school and you'll understand I didn't mean you any harm. 

So I'm wondering, does anyone actually have a number for the gypsies, or should I just put a golden lantern on the porch or something so they know I have wares to offer them? Anyone???

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