Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Hate To Admit This, But I Think I'm Becoming A Homebody

Lately I am perfectly content to never leave the house. I got this absolutely divine Eddie Bauer blanket for Christmas, and I have these perfectly plump pillows (look at that alliteration! and it's not even "P" day...), and truthfully, I would be pretty dang happy to do nothing but lay on the couch day after day with my blanket, pillow, and laptop, barking orders and delivering commands. (I don't really bark. Much.)

"You need help with your homework? Bring it here. No you can't use my blanket."

"Can't you people hear the phone?. Can someone get that?"

"Someone bring me the baby so I can change her diaper. Don't forget the diaper and wipes."

"Lucy wants a snack. Who's going to get it for her?"

"I think the dog needs to go out." 

Honestly I'm not very good at delegation, but I think I'm learning.

I'm pretty sure the entire problem is this whole winter thing that's going on. The thought of going outside and being cold just exhausts me. My blanket is so warm and cozy. Why leave it if I don't have to?  

Yes sometimes I do leave the couch. These people keep dirtying clothes and dishes. Sometimes I have to cook for them. I try really hard to do a bare minimum 20-30 minute workout most days. And let's not forget the driving done to facilitate the fetching and delivering of children. 

I am going out this weekend. I'm going to see Chris's band, The Smiths United, play. Like at the bar. So like I have to actually have real clothes on under my coat. (You should totally go too. What's not to love about a Smiths tribute band? Unless you don't like the Smiths, but that would be blasphemy.) 

So yeah, hopefully when the weather starts improving I'll get over my couch potato homebody existence. No, I definitely will. But somebody better hide this blanket from me.