Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're Little People And We'll Always Be Friends

I love Little People. When I was a kid I had a blue Little People house and a Little People fire station, and how I loved to play with the choking-hazard Little People figures that went with them. Once when we moved cross country I had to part with some of my toys, and one of those was my beloved Little People fire station. To this day I regret getting rid of that toy. My mom still has the rest of my Little People stuff, which my kids play with when they visit Grandma.

When I grew up and had kids of my own, I was thrilled to discover that Fisher Price had re-imagined and modernized Little People. I became maybe a little obsessed with buying Little People sets for my kids. Oh the details! The furniture! The accessories! The endless variety of imaginative scenes to be played out! So we have quite a few Little People toys. Maybe, just maybe, a ridiculous amount of Little People toys.

But when we moved into this house in 2009, five (yes 5!!) days before Mathilda was born, the boxes of Little People went to the storage room in the basement. We have high hopes, you see, of creating a play room for the kids down there. It just hasn't happened yet. 

(But it will! I swear! Hopefully sometime before they've totally outgrown playing with toys altogether. Otherwise our grandkids are going to have a kick ass play room.) 

So the Little People have been living down there ever since, sad and lonely with no one to play with them.  Poor Little People. However, this past Christmas, Mathilda received some new Little People sets. And that reminded the kids that there is a stockpile of these plastic gems in the basement. Yesterday Bethany hauled one of the boxes up to the family room and boy they all went crazy playing with those Little People that have been ignored and neglected for almost two years. The first thing Lucy did when she got up this morning was play Little People. Bethany and Connor can't wait to come home from school today just so they can totally annihilate the family room with Little People. Daddy will be so thrilled. 

 this is just a wee sampling of the Little People mayhem

And I'm about to go hit up Amazon to see which new and exciting Little People toys I can save in my cart for Mathilda's birthday. 

See, Little People, I knew we'd always be friends.


ThurberGang said...

*LOVE* Little People. I have the same memories - and did the same thing when I had kids of my own... now most of them are in a bin b/c I can NOT get rid of them - much to Milo's dismay!!! Such fun.

alyaia75 said...

Aren't they the best? I'm just excited that now Mathilda loves them and I have an excuse to buy more.