Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Father's Day I'm Leaving My Husband

Our first full week of summer break has come to an end. I'm not feeling my summer groove yet. So far, in fact, it's been sort of anti-climactic. We're unorganized and the house is a mess. We've had a good week...lunch outside at the Beach Grill, meeting friends at Jungle Java, the kids saw Mr. Popper's Penguins...but pretty much everything just feels haphazard and thrown together and not as perfect as I want it to be.  

Father's Day morning the kids and I are hitting the road with my mother-in-law and heading up north for a few days. We have a bunch of awesome stuff planned, so I'm hoping everything pans out and it finally starts to feel like summer vacation. Yes we're leaving Chris on Father's Day, but honestly we didn't realize that when we made the plans weeks ago. And don't feel too bad for him. We celebrated early with dinner at his mom's, and the kids and I are going to serve him breakfast in bed before we leave. He'll be having Sunday dinner with his dad. Plus, be honest now, doesn't having the house to yourself for five days and four nights sound positively decadent? So he's making out like a bandit. We did offer to postpone our departure until Monday when we realized we're leaving on Father's Day, but Chris did his best to refrain from jumping up and down in glee and very calmly told us it was no big deal, he'll manage just fine.

Happy Father's Day, Chris. I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet, I vaguely remember what it's like. (you're welcome)

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