Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Backyard Oasis

I have this big, lovely backyard that sort of overwhelms me. Previous owners have planted all kinds of lovely flowering shrubbery. I love it but don't really know how to take care of it. What's a weed, what needs to go? What are proper pruning procedures? Grape vines are currently taking over the lilac bush. Sigh. There's a rose bush that only flowers once a season which annoys me and I'm trying to dig it out (not going so well...). There's also a big tree that shades most of the yard (what kind? how the heck should I know?!?), and I've planted a small vegetable garden. 

Just outside the back door, there's a small covered patio, and we have a table and chairs on it, but the area is not big enough to hold a table large enough for all 6 of us. We also have a hot tub, a couple play houses, an Intex pool, and a small swing set (Meijer clearance - $42!!). Our garage butts up against the yard, but is not actually in it. So we can get into the side door of the garage from the backyard, but it's outside of the fenced in area. Our garage, by the way, has never housed a car since we've lived here. It's full of the rest of our junk. Outdoor storage buildings are nice for keeping that stuff - yard tools, snow shovels, camping gear, etc. Then we'd actually be able to use our garage for the reason God intended. Which would be to park out cars, in case you were unsure of God's intentions.

The problem is, I feel like our yard has so much potential but I don't have the vision to see how it could be, nor the practical skills to get it to that point. Plus, even though I have no idea what kind of tree presides over our backyard, I do know it's not a money tree. Window shopping online is a fun way to find inspiration.

I would like a bigger patio so that we could eat lots of summer meals al fresco. I picture it surrounded by either metal tiki torches or glass tiki torches, and covered by some kind of romantic canopy, preferably bordered with little white lights. Also, I'd love some kind of comfy place for me to relax with a book and a tall glass of sweet tea...perhaps a nice cushioned chaise lounge. Chris would love a hammock.  Yes, napping outside sounds pretty nice. I'd also love a bigger, fenced in vegetable garden and more flowers. And maybe a trampoline. 
Little by little, we'll get it together. 

What do you dream of for your outdoor space?

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