Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Life After I Dew this week for So What Wednesday.

Here's what I'm saying SO WHAT to this week:

  • SO WHAT if my kids pretty much alternate between wearing pajamas and bathing suits all day long unless we leave the house? It's summer vacation!
  • SO WHAT if my dog ate pizza for breakfast when we ran out of dog food? She loved it, and she does eat strictly dog food 99% of the time (I swear!).
  • SO WHAT if I fall asleep on the couch almost every single night? I do (usually) eventually end up in my bed at some point in the middle of the night.
  • SO WHAT if I embarrassed Bethany in front of her friend yesterday? I do feel kind of bad but I did not yell and the child needs to learn to listen! And I think she's getting to that age where anything I do or say in front of her friends is going to mortify her. Ah, fun times.
  • SO WHAT if I will not step foot in a swimming pool unless the water is a good 95 degrees OR the outside temperature is a good 95 degrees? I'm very sensitive to the cold! (or I'm just a big wimp...)
  • SO WHAT if my kids ate nachos and cheese for dinner when I was way past overdue for a grocery store visit a few days ago? I cut up some apples too, so it wasn't a total nutritional waste of a meal!
  • SO WHAT if I would rather text then call? I've never been big on phone conversations so texting is like a dream come true for me, right up there with caller I.D.
What about you? What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


    Diane and Chad said...

    I am a Michigan blogger your header and also your "so whats". I am a new follower, hope you will visit:

    alyaia75 said...

    Thank you! I love to connect with Michigan bloggers. I've now joined your site, I think that's pretty much the same as following?

    Tracy Balderach said...

    Love your SO What's....they are so funny!

    So what? We went to TX to visit family and after 4 days at home, we are still unpacking and reusing clothes from the suitcases :)

    alyaia75 said...

    Tracy, every time we return from vacation our living room looks like a war zone for days! I hope your little peanut did well on the trip.