Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Review: Dark Dawn By Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Andrews Moore

Have you entered the Dark Dawn giveaway I recently posted? It ends Sunday night at midnight!

When I was given the opportunity to help support local author Melissa Brodsky and her co-author Nicole Andrews Moore, I jumped at it! Someday maybe I'll write a book of my own, and in the meantime I'm happy to help other local bloggers promote theirs.

Dark Dawn is the first book in the Dark Redemption Series, about a group of angels sent to Earth to save mankind from the evil Fae. After thousands of years of what feels like a fruitless battle, the group of Guardians begins to tire of the constant struggles associated with their lifestyle. They go against God's direct orders and begin forming close relationships with mortals, jeopardizing the long followed edict to put the needs of many over the needs of a few. Like a house of cards, their fellowship begins to collapse as well. All at once, everything changes. Will their choices lead to God's complete abandonment? And what exactly happens when an angel falls?

This novella is a fairly short introduction to the series' characters and story line. There is Salathiel, the original angel and assumed leader, Caim, Eli, Anna, Zoey, and Gus. I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series!

There are two versions of the book available, one with very adult content, and a milder version.

Check out this video/book trailer that was created by a fan!

Dark Dawn is available for purchase on Amazon:
Adult Version
Non-Adult Version 

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