Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for a lot this week. My blessings are endless!

On Sunday, we had a really lovely time at the Birmingham Village Fair. My mom came along with the kids and me, as well as one of Bethany's friends. It was the cleanest cut carnival I've ever been to, and we had lots of fun! I was glad that Bethany had someone with her to go on all the nausea-inducing rides, Lucy and Mattie went on all the little kid rides together, and even Connor found a few things to do. It's probably even a good thing that the credit card machines were down so I had to stop buying junk food. Thanks to Emily at Hay There Media for giving me such a great opportunity to work as a Tweet Team member and help spread the word about this annual community event.

Mattie's been out of school for a couple weeks now, so it's been being home with just her for a little bit before summer break officially begins (next Wednesday at 11:24, not that I'm counting the hours or anything). The other day we met my friend at an indoor play area with her daughter, who is also four, and Mattie's best friend. While the girls played, we got to talk and catch up, and I'm so happy to still have this wonderful friend over 25 years later. I was thinking how funny it is how I can still have so much in common with someone I met in 7th grade. And how lucky I am!

Not only did we have fun talking and playing, but she had just cleaned out her closet and brought me a bunch of really cute clothes and shoes! I swear 3/4 of my wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs! I barely have to buy myself anything.

Wednesday another good friend met me at the gym, and the time just flies by while we chat on side by side treadmills. She is a positive influence in my life, and I'm grateful for the forces that brought us together (our kids were in class together at our previous elementary school).

Today my mom, Mattie, and I met up with a long lost cousin I haven't seen in many years, and her grandma (who is my mom's aunt and my great-aunt). She brought her kids with her, so I got to meet them for the first time, and it was really nice to re-establish some family bonds. We were re-connected by total coincidence via Facebook. Sometimes social media is good for something besides just wasting time!

I'm about to go pick my kids up from school, and then they have only 4.5 days left! I cannot wait for summer to finally be here! It's a good week to be thankful!

What are you thankful for this week?

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