Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Re-Posting: Confession Time: Field Day Sucks

I originally published this post two years ago, and I'm re-posting it today in honor of Lucy & Connor's field day, which is today. Bethany is now in middle school, where they no longer "celebrate" field day. The truth is, Lucy and Connor do love field day, with no convincing whatsoever needed from me. With face painting and bounce houses, it is a far cry from the torture I endured as a child. Maybe next year I'll volunteer at school for Field Day, and finally make peace with my past.

Today is Field Day at Bethany and Connor's school. You know, that super fun day where all the students in the whole school hang out in the field all day long and play games and do all kinds of physical activities to prove their athletic prowess and let their competitive streaks run wild. I've been all about pumping them up for Field Day. 

"Oh boy guys, Field Day is coming up, aren't you excited?"

"Are you looking forward to Field Day? It's going to be SO FUN!"

"Field Day is gonna be awesome, don't you think?"

They were perhaps marginally looking forward to a day of no school work, but they weren't exactly jumping up and down in anticipation when I dropped them off at school this morning. And I have no idea why I've been feigning excitement about Field Day because the truth is I absolutely hated Field Day when I was a kid. No really, hated it. If ever there was a day that I prayed for sickness, even within a week or so of Field Day in the hopes of at least scoring a doctor's note excusing me from the "festivities", that was it. I was perhaps the most un-athletic kid ever.

Maybe because I dreaded Field Day every year, for some reason I really want my kids to love it. But I can't blame them if they don't. I can't undo the shame of my childhood by living vicariously through my offspring. Oh well, doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

What about you? Was Field Day your favorite day of the year, or did you hate it too?

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Liz Parker said...

I liked it because everyone got ribbons, usually :) I still have one from like kindergarten, it says my school name and PARTICIPANT at the bottom! lol.