Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am Thankful for Creative Minds

Ideas precede reality. Someone, in his or her creative mind, thought of all the things we enjoy and take for granted today, which no one would have thought possible 500 years ago, or 100 years ago, or maybe even 10 years ago. Everything is born of an imagining.

Mostly, people just go along with whatever is handed to them. We accept the world at face value. We enjoy the end results of the hard work of people we don't even really think about or acknowledge. But behind this netbook I'm typing on, behind the wireless internet connection that is going to facilitate putting this post into the cyber world, behind this recliner I'm sitting on, behind the delicious Orea cookie I just ate...behind all these things and everything else surrounding me in my life was a person with an idea. That person had the foresight and the fortitude to believe in an idea that could change the way the rest of us live.

Creativity is so much more than books, movies, art and music. Although I love and enjoy all of these aspects of creativity, the whole world around us is really the result of the imaginations of people who brought their ideas alive to the benefit of everyone else. Maybe God imagined this world into existence; the trees and flowers and animals and mountains and oceans and snow and everything else that happens and grows and is without our human help, planning, and invention.

We all have creative minds, how much we use them varies. I am thankful for those who take matters into their own hands, using their imaginations to shape the world and create new, better, reinvented, beautiful, useful, tasty, comfortable, and safe _____________ (fill in the blank). 

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