Monday, November 1, 2010

A Moment to Myself

I was laughing on the inside as I typed the title of this post.

On the way home from picking Bethany  and Connor up from school today, Mathilda fell asleep. She's been sniffly and run down, and not sleeping well, so when we got home I decided to sit in the van with her for a little while to let her sleep. I settled in to read my book in peace and quiet. I stayed out there for less than 30 minutes, during which time I was interrupted by three kids on numerous occasions, for example:

"Can I have a piece of Halloween candy?" (yes, ONE piece)

"I'm having cheese and crackers after my candy." (go for it)

"Can you open this box?" (yes, with a little finagling)

" Can I play with the Leap Pad?" (if you can find it, knock yourself out)

"Look at this book I got at school!" (great, very cool)

This is just but a very short and typical episode in my life. If I am going to the bathroom, at least one little person needs me rightthisveryminute. If I'm trying to read, it's time for someone to tell me about their day in minute-to-minute detail. If I'm on the phone, there is a crisis that needs my attention so desperately that all learned manners can be justifiably ignored. These crises, by the way, do not generally involve loss of limb or raging fire.

Despite the constant interruptions and the definite lack of moments to myself, and although I do sometimes get a teensy bit annoyed, the truth is I cherish the fact that my kids want to be around me, and that they want to talk to me and tell me every little thing. Before I ever had kids, I hoped I would be the kind of mom whose children clamored all over her constantly. I am, and they do. And I hope it never ends.

Of course, a moment to myself every now and again would be a sweet bonus.

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