Friday, November 12, 2010

I am Thankful for the Privilege of Being a Mother

Nine years, two months, and 23 days ago my oldest child was born and I was blessed with the privilege of becoming a mother. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I still don't. I'm learning as I go along. Sure I knew some basic stuff; I had babysat plenty, read books, gone to classes, talked to friends with kids of their own. Of course I thought I knew a lot.

What I know now is that each child is completely and wonderfully unique. Nothing can truly prepare anyone for becoming a parent except, well, becoming a parent. Love expands...and expands...and expands.

And most of all, there is no greater privilege than being a parent. Rearranging my priorities is a privilege. Being responsible for the well-being of my children is a privilege. Putting their needs before my own is a privilege. Being the lucky recipient of so much sweet, innocent love; with all the hugs, kisses, and cuddles that go along with it, is a privilege. Tending to tears and hurt feelings, being the secret holder of dreams and fears, being utterly trusted and looked up to - these are all part of the parenting privilege package too.

I am lucky, so very lucky. To be interrupted every time I try to make a phone call, talk to Chris, read something, or pretty much attempt to do anything. To have mounds of little laundry to wash, shoes to trip over, crumbs to vacuum, food to prepare, diapers to change, and noses to wipe. To have homework to check, chores to assign, boundaries to set, and advice to give (wanted and not).To be the guardian of four individuals as they make their way from infancy to adulthood; doing my best to keep them happy, healthy, and safe as they fumble and triumph toward independence and self-discovery. The pleasure and the privilege is mine.

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