Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wedding Bells

Yesterday was my friend Julie's wedding day, a day that has been long anticipated for those of us who love Julie and her new husband Eric. Let's just say they've been together a looooooong time. Julie has been one of my best friends since 4th grade, and I was honored that she asked me to be her matron of honor. I was stressing majorly, juggling my kids and trying to figure out how everything was going to fall into place. Chris assured me everything was going to be fine and he was right, it was. 

The day started bright and early with hair and make-up people coming right to Julie's house to make us pretty. It was awesome to not have to rush around to salon appointments, and I have a new appreciation for celebrities and their full-time make-up staff. Because it'd be pretty awesome to walk around every day with airbrushed make-up and fake eyelashes. I wish those eyelashes would have stayed on longer, but they were already falling off when I woke up this morning. We were ready early and had tons of time to sit around chatting and eating bagels.  

Peeking into church from the dressing room
The other girls met us at Julie's house and then the limo came to pick us up and take us to church, where we arrived two hours before the ceremony to get dressed and do some pictures with the photographer. Lucy was the flower girl and she met us at church. 
She was the comic relief for the rest of the day. Oh my goodness what a chatterbox. She talked constantly throughout the entire ceremony and there was not one thing I could do about it because I was up at the alter with the bride, groom, and best man. She was sitting next to the two junior bridesmaids in the front row, and Chris
and my mom were sitting several rows behind her and couldn't hear her, so they didn't do anything to stop her either. Oh well. Eric's sister told me that every time she was about to start crying she just looked over at Lucy and had a giggle instead because she was being so silly.
With the junior bridesmaids.

I am not really a person who enjoys being in the spotlight (at all) so the whole walking down the aisle thing and then standing up in front of everyone throughout the whole service was rather nerve wracking. But I got through it and everything was lovely and perfect.

Lucy was thrilled to go in a limo for the first time and continued to make everyone laugh on the ride to the hall for the reception. I don't think she was nervous one bit, all day. I wish I had some decent pictures, but it is becoming an annoying trend that I never have any good pictures because my camera sucks and my phone takes crappy pictures too. Hopefully someone else has some great ones and will share with me. 

The reception was great, the food was delicious, and I was exhausted beyond belief by the end of my 15-hour day. Hopefully my feet will recover soon from the torture I put them through.

I can't believe it was almost 13 years ago that Chris and I were married. It feels like yesterday and it feels like an eternity has passed. I wish Julie and Eric many happy years together. (This would be a great place to put a beautiful picture of the newlyweds, but this is the best I can do. Sorry.)


Carol N Wong said...

I wish them loads of happiness.


alyaia75 said...

Thank you Carol!