Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Weekend Gone, But Not Forgotten

I just had the best weekend. It's always hard to get back to the grind Monday morning. But the sun is shining, Mathilda slept in and woke up happy, and Chris is home so I don't have to get Mattie all bundled up to pick Lucy up from school. As Mondays go, I can't complain. Yet.

Friday night Chris's band, The Smiths United, played at the Magic Bag in Ferndale and my in-laws babysat so I could go. My friend Shelly went with me, and we realized we haven't been out together - at night & without kids - in 11 years! That we can remember, anyway. And just an FYI, my memory ain't what it used to be. I loved hanging out with my Shelly and it's always fun to be in the middle of a packed house, all there to see my husband perform. It was a late night for us old ladies, and freezing cold, but it was a good night.

Saturday morning Bethany had a basketball game. I've missed the last couple games because I was sick, so I was happy to be able to attend this one. By myself. The kids stayed home with Chris, and I got to enjoy conversation with the other basketball moms and a nice hot Starbucks soy latte (my first & so good!) while I watched Bethany's team kick some butt. They are really good. And I'm so proud of Bethany, her playing is really improving. Really I'm proud of her just for trying something new and putting so much effort into it.

Later on, we had some friends over for a little Oral B Mommy Parties get together. I'll dedicate a whole post to that in the next couple days. But it was nice chatting with my friends while the kids played together and watched a movie.

Saturday evening Chris and the kids made a funny little video. Chris is still working on it. When it's all done maybe I'll post it. This is what my family does for fun. Makes videos. Bethany is obsessed with You Tube. She and her friends are forever creating quirky little videos. They had one that was actually getting a lot of hits, it was pretty funny. Until some jack-you-know-what tagged it as inappropriate (seriously - it was NOT - at ALL) and it disappeared from You Tube forever.

Sunday my mom took Connor shopping to get the poor kid some snow boots so that he's no longer banished to the black top everyday at recess. Then she and I took the kids to the symphony. It was a holiday concert put on by the Warren Symphony Orchestra. Besides my kids, there were probably only about 10 kids there. If that. Which blows my mind because kids are free! All the way up through high school seniors! The adult tickets were $23 each (and we could have bought them for $11 via Groupon, which I just now noticed when I visited their Facebook page - sorry mom!), but I still think this was a great bargain for a family outing. I love the symphony. I will admit it was perhaps a tad long for the kids, but they were great and I think they all liked it. Mathilda especially loved it. She kept getting up to dance, and insisting that Lucy dance with her. If Lucy didn't do exactly what she wanted, Mathilda loudly corrected her. "No Lucy! Put your arms up like this!" I'm sure the other patrons appreciated that. Since the kids were all together and dressed reasonably well, I decided it was now or never for a Christmas card photo. I took a bunch of pictures and crossed my fingers that one would be adequate, and that's about all I got. Today (yes I'm behind schedule, whatever!) I ordered my cards from Tiny Prints and I'm a little "eh" about the picture, but they're ordered & it's done, and if you get one please keep in mind it is anything but easy just to get 4 kids in the frame, let alone looking sort of in the same direction.

Just one more weekend before Christmas! I can't believe it, I always know it's coming but it still sneaks up on me nonetheless. I hope you had a good weekend too, and that you have a totally tolerable Monday!

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