Thursday, December 15, 2011

Movie Party Sponsored by Oral B and MommyParties!

Look at all that loot!
Last Saturday afternoon, I took some time out of my very busy weekend to have some friends over with their kids for a movie party, courtesy of MommyParties and Oral B. My friends and I have definitely not been hanging out nearly enough, so I'm glad I had this fabulous excuse to have them over and catch up. Our kids haven't seen much of each other either, as so often happens when everyone is crazy with all of their activities and responsibilities. So they were happy to get to hang out together for a couple hours too. We have to make sure we carve out some time every now and then! Since this was a sponsored party, I received a fantastic package of mostly full size products to help facilitate my get together, including:
  • Cars II DVD
  • Popcorn
  • Popcorn containers
  • Balloons
  • Game to play with the kids
  • Toothbrush for each child
  • Full size toothpaste for each child
  • Bottle of kids mouthwash for each family
  • Package of flossers for each child
  • Sample of Disney Gummies vitamins for each child
  • Full size bottle of Disney Gummies vitamins for my family
  • Coupons for everyone
First the kids played the game, which was designed to make them think a little about how certain things are good for their teeth and some things are bad for their teeth. There were several pictures of different foods and things like toothbrushes and toothpaste, and the kids had to decide which side of the poster to stick them on: Yucky Mouth or Healthy Mouth. Then I set them up in the family room with Cars II, popcorn and other snacks while us moms hung out in the kitchen, chatting and snacking. Since various viruses and other ailments have been going around (and around...and around...), I opted to not have the kids try out any of their oral hygiene goodies at my house. No use in spreading the germs, they get enough of that at school without spitting into the same sink together.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Thanks MommyParties and Oral B for making my weekend get together possible!

I received all of the items listed and pictured above for my own children and to share with my guests, free of charge, from MommyParties and Oral B.

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