Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can We Just Fast Forward to Next Summer?

Picnic Plus Liberty Picnic BasketTemperatures have been dropping here in Michigan. Winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves are being donned on a daily basis now. We've had a light dusting of snow, and I've been using the remote start to warm my van up every morning. It's not officially winter, but nonetheless winter has arrived. Which naturally means that I'm craving warm sunshine. And I don't mean 35 degrees and sunny, I mean 80 degrees and sunny.

I have to admit, we've had it pretty easy so far. Lots of years we've already seen some quite nasty weather by December 8th.  So far we haven't had a need to shovel or salt, and it's cold but definitely not bitter cold. Even so, I'm missing my beloved summer in more ways than one. I miss those warm, sunny days. But I also miss those long, carefree days. I miss having days on my calendar that aren't loaded with commitments. Right about now, I'd love to pack up a picnic lunch, slather my kids with sunscreen, and head to the local splash pad for the afternoon. Oh summer, I miss you. But we'll meet again before we know it. In the meantime, I  must do my best to learn to love winter.

My kids love to have indoor picnics when the weather is not cooperative for the real thing. We spread a big blanket on the floor and have snacks and goodies. I've been looking for picnic baskets because I'd like to get one for Lucy for Christmas. So far I haven't found the ideal of what I envision in my mind, which is a kid version of the one pictured above. I think she'd be tickled to have one, since she especially loves a good picnic.

Soon enough we'll be able to enjoy a real picnic again, pesky bees and all. Maybe I'll even be able to convince my husband to take his wife on a romantic two-person picnic (hint, hint!). I know my in-laws have a wine bag/picnic basket for just that purpose. I don't even drink wine, but I think that's a really great idea. Maybe they'll let us borrow it and we can get a bottle of sparkling cherry juice or something like that. Look at me, making plans for six months from now. Perhaps I should concentrate on decorating the Christmas tree first...

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