Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I've been so busy with the holidays and the kids being home, my blog has suffered. I should be back on track soon! In the meantime, it's Thursday and of course I have lots to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that my kids still have a few days off school.
I'm thankful that my brother-in-law is here visiting from Florida.
I'm thankful for the lovely meal we had on top of the Renaissance Center this evening at Coach Insignia, and that Mathilda was merely dancing, singing, and painting the windows with lip gloss. Screaming and crying would have been much worse. Plus she asked to go potty two times! First time going potty in a restaurant!
I'm thankful that Mathilda has now gone 2 days completely accident free!
I'm thankful that we are officially booking our weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge.
I'm thankful for the coupons I got at the Sears checkout today, which I will be using when I return to use the remainder of my gift card.
I am thankful for all the awesome Christmas presents I received, and that my children received.
I am thankful that Connor did not freak out on the elevator going to the Coach Insignia tonight, and that in fact he ended up enjoying it. (The restaurant is on the 72nd floor, and the glass elevator offers a stunning view of the Detroit River and Windsor, Ontario.)
I am thankful that Bethany & Connor had no cavities at the dentist today!
I am thankful that the tooth fairy remembered to visit on the momentous occasion of Lucy losing her first tooth, and hoping she shows up tonight since Lucy just lost her second tooth of the week! And also thankful that the tooth fell out as it was driving me nuts seeing it wiggling around in her mouth.
I am thankful that Bethany is brave enough to ride on an airplane all by herself, since her Christmas gift from her Uncle Robby is a trip to Florida to visit him this spring.
I am thankful that Chris loves the sweater I gave him for Christmas & has already worn it a few times.
I am thankful that my children were fairly adventurous eaters at dinner tonight, and tried (and liked!) several new foods. (Lobster corn dog anyone?)

I am just bursting with thankfulness and could probably go on all night! What about you, what are you thankful for this week?

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