Monday, December 12, 2011

Dream Destination: South America

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For awhile I was hooked on a Travel Channel series in which Samantha Brown journeyed throughout South America. I was transfixed by  this beautiful land on the other side of the world. Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Chile started calling my name. One of my favorite blogging families, authors of, wrote about their adventures in South American, and suddenly I was burning with a desire to hike to Machu Picchu and see it for myself. When my cousin Kimberly traveled to South American and posted pictures on Facebook (she even got to go to a seminar with a survivor of the Alive plane crash as a featured speaker & got her picture taken with him!), I became even more interested.

Perusing through information about Patagonia tours, I want to see penguins and sea lions and dolphins in their natural habitat. I want to go where Darwin himself went, through the same channels and untouched areas (even to this day). It does look cold, and the required clothing for the trip includes waterproof gloves, boots, parka, and pants. But I think I could stand it for a short time; it'd be worth it.

Certain areas of South America are at particularly high altitudes, and altitude sickness is pretty common. That sort of scares me, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that millions of other travelers have endured the altitude and lived to tell about it. And my friend Shelly thinks no one can survive a trip through South America without losing an organ or two to the black market. But I've read that the United States is considered quite dangerous by most foreigners. I guess you can't believe everything you read or see on the news, and the media likes to hype everything up to epic proportions.

Have you been to South America? Where did you go and what did you love about it?

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Liz Mays said...

I never connected South America to altitude sickness! When I was in Utah last summer, I had to fight it really hard there. It's tough though! I'm sure it's exquisite in SA. I'd love to be able to go there!