Friday, June 15, 2012

In My Travel Bag: PottyCover

When I was a kid, I remember being horrified by public restrooms, particularly those rustic, non-flushing rest stop toilets that made me want to gag. I would hold it until I thought I would burst, pretending I didn't have to go, just to avoid using a nasty public restroom. Now that I'm a mom, public restrooms are unavoidable - when my kids have to go, they have to go. That doesn't mean I'm not cringing sometimes, and reminding them incessantly to not. touch. ANYTHING.

Once in awhile, we'll come across a public restroom with a disposable toilet seat cover. Even so, they only cover the top of the seat, they're made from ultra thin paper that tears easily and that moisture seeps right through, and they slip and slide all over the place.

How many times have you wished you had a handy spray bottle of bleach in your purse after getting a look at the toilet your child is sitting on? Kids hold onto the sides, their clothes touch the front. So even if you happen to find a public restroom with flimsy paper toilet seat covers available, you still can't wait to get home and disinfect your kids pants, which are bunched up against a toilet that has been used by countless people, many of whom can't seem to quite make it into the bowl, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, there is something better available, and it's called PottyCover. These are disposable toilet seat covers, available in a six-pack, and individually wrapped. That way, you can easily toss one in your purse and know that it will stay clean and intact. PottyCover goes over the sides and the front of the toilet, as well as the toilet seat itself. No more cringing when your toddler grabs the side of the toilet to climb up onto the seat! The covers are made from a plastic-coated, non-woven fabric. This provides a waterproof layer between your child and the toilet. The front and side flaps of the PottyCover help keep it in place, so there is no worry about it falling off as your child squirms around.

Available from Amazon at $5.99 for a six-pack, PottyCover is a bit of a splurge - considering how often my family uses public restrooms! However, I will definitely be bringing a pack or two when we go on our big road trip this summer. I will save them for particularly grungy restrooms, think gas stations and rest stops in the middle of nowhere.

Please note that PottyCover toilet seat covers cannot be flushed. They must be disposed of in a trash receptacle. Also, they are also now available at buy buy Baby stores, as well as Bed Bath and Beyond. For a list of stores and more information, visit

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