Monday, May 2, 2011

Ramblings From A Bumbling Idiot

There are plenty of really great things I'd like to write about today. Like Lucy's Bike Day at preschool, Bethany's Talent Show debut, Mattie's first poopie on the potty, books I've been reading, and my good friend's bridal shower yesterday. Things that make me happy. And maybe some other things I'm not so happy about, like the fact that Chris and I recently discovered one of our offspring has been secretly harboring the habit of, ahem, truth stretching, or the academic laziness of another. But I think everyone has only one thing on their minds today, since the announcement that Osama bid Laden has been found and killed.

For some reason, this news doesn't make me want to dance in the street. I feel a little sickened at the thought of celebrating an assassination, even the assassination of a demented man who caused a lot of heartache and mass destruction. I actually wrote a lot more about this topic but I deleted it because...well according to every news report and every commentary I've read, anyone who doesn't think this is the best news ever is obviously a bumbling idiot. So let's just say, I think I'll pass on the champagne this time.

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