Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snapshot of My Life: First Communion Sunday

As I mentioned previously, we celebrated Connor's First Communion this past weekend. Here are some highlights...

  • One very, very late night spent in a tizzy of preparation
  • Six outfits picked out, ironed, and argued over (ahem...pre-adolescent daughter...)
  • Nine quiches and several dozen raspberry and blueberry muffins made 100% from scratch (thank you, mother-in-law), as well as several dozen brownies made from Ghiradelli box mixes (hey, better than from scratch!)
  • Five people running to the van in the freezing cold rain (#6 was being carried) and then running from the van into church... on time! Remember when I said something about spring time in Michigan being worth the wait? Scratch that.
  • One handsome little red-headed boy with the hugest, sweetest smile on his face
  • One adorable little red-headed toddler who entertained (I can only hope) the half of the church who could hear her constant chatter
  • One 9-year old daughter trying to sneak in some games on the iPod during the service...ummm no?!
  • One 4-year old daughter trying to stretch out and take a nap during the service because, well, she was tired
  • 41 friends and family members, including 17 kids, having brunch at our house and helping us celebrate Connor's special day
  • One beyond-tired mama laying down on the couch at about 8:01 with the intention of watching a John Hughes documentary...and falling dead asleep about 10 minutes into it
  • One full day of recovery (including 1 chiropractor visit, 1 Motrin 800, and about 1 hour in the hot tub)

It was a great day, and I feel incredibly blessed that so many people we love were able to share it with us.


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