Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time and Tide Wait for No Preschooler

This has been a monumental week for my growing babies. First Mathilda turned two, and now Lucy is a preschool graduate.Wow. I wish someone could explain to me the physics of how time moves more quickly once one becomes a parent. Because maybe then I could figure out the secret to slowing it down. That old saying "time and tide wait for no man" is the fabric of my life. Whenever I think, "wow that school year sure flew by," or "Christmas already?" or "I can't believe my baby just turned ___," I always think of this phrase. Sometimes I feel like I'm holding onto a kite string in a wind storm and it's slipping out of my hands uncontrollably. I do my best to embrace change, but I would at times like to hit the slow motion button on the remote control of life.
Lucy's last regular day of preschool was Monday, and when she came home she told me she "almost cried". She had a great group of kids in her class, and they're all going off to different schools in the fall and Lucy might never see any of them again. I'm pretty sure she hasn't grasped that yet, but I have and it makes me sad. Those kids have a great group of moms, and I might not see most of them again either. Unfortunately we can't stay in the sweet, simple world of preschool forever. And I have Mathilda's preschool years to look forward to.

I celebrated Lucy's big day by letting Bethany and Connor play hooky from school so they could attend the graduation. Afterward we went to the library and hung out for a couple hours, one of their favorite things to do. And I even bought them lunch at the library's cafe, something they ask for all the time and I always say "no". Lucy fell asleep in the car on the way home. She is still a baby after all. Breathe. Kiss her cheeks. Embrace the moment.

All 3 of my preschool graduates with their teachers

Connor is reliving his happy days of yore

At one point Mathilda disappeared and this is where we found her

Lucy's favorite thing to do at preschool

Bethany loved being chased by a bunch of preschoolers

I repeatedly tried to get a picture of the sisters in the matching dresses, but Mathilda was not having it. In this shot she is pushing Lucy away from her. She only wanted to drive around in the red car without anyone getting in her way.


Mama Hen said...

Congratulations! Great pictures! It can be hard to see how fast time flies while watching each milestone with our children. It is exciting, but also reminds us of how fast it really does go by. Have a great night!

Mama Hen

alyaia75 said...

Thank you! You have a great night too :-)